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Dallas Gastronomy: TOP 15 Popular Restaurants

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Dallas is a city of restaurants. It is no surprising! The city territory contains more than thousands of different restaurants and cafes. If you are gourmand, you may visit any of them. The main thing is find yourself in a variety of dishes. Texas is state of big things: cuisine, art centers, museums, night clubs, wine factories and ranchos. If you want to try BBQ, seafood, innovative and home-made cuisine, follow your nous.

There is nothing more Texas than steak. The Texas cowboys started cooking the tastiest steaks in 80th of the last century. Steaks are the most popular dishes in Texas. Nevertheless, fried chicken is considered to be the national Texas dish.

Dallas Gastronomy: TOP 15 Popular Restaurants

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grill

If you like healthy food, you will like this restaurant. The menu includes tasty and delightful dishes. Do you like amazing grilled fish with spicy hot vegetables? What about the exotic desserts and wide choice of drinks? This is delight for the eye of all visitors.

The French Room

This is the next prestigious restaurant in Dallas and suburbs. You see that the restaurant’s specialization is French cuisine. The menu includes true American dishes. As far as American cuisine is impossible without juicy meat, the meat delicacies take the leading position. Do you like meat?


The restaurant offers to try popular dishes of international cuisine. What is more, you can participate in the interesting entertaining program every evening. Do you like living music? The popular musicians are waiting for you! The dinner is going to be romantic.


The American food restaurant is situated in one of the best-visiting shopping malls of the city. It is cozy and relaxing atmosphere during the day. You can come and enjoy your favorite dish retired atmosphere. The restaurant is changeable. Bijoux welcomes many visitors in the evening. The menu is interesting, as the entertaining program is.

Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill

The seafood lovers feel satisfied of this place. It is easy to guess that restaurant specialization is seafood menu. Moreover, the dishes are mostly grilled. The best-selling dish is grilled shrinks with garlic sauce. This is the best place to try fish and seafood in the city!

Dallas Gastronomy: TOP 15 Popular Restaurants

Meddlesome Moth

The next interesting eating establishment is Meddlesome Moth restaurant. This is the right place for beer lovers. The visitors can order the original sorts of beer in addition to wide choice of chef’s snacks and chef’s specialties. There is one interesting fact: the restaurant hall is decorated in elegant colors. It makes this pub different from the rest of analogous establishments – pubs and tippling houses.

Manny’s Uptown Tex-Mex

If you missed Mexican cuisine, welcome to Manny’s. You are kindly offered to try traditional meat dishes with hot spicy sauces Preferring fish to meat, you can order seafood, interesting vegetable garnishing and fruit desserts – you can lose yourself in the variety of delicacies.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Dallas is a city of steaks. You can enjoy steaks in the steak houses. The better part of them is good. This restaurant boasts with the most fantastic steaks that you have ever tried. The wine is as good as steak. The service is high and friendly.

Rise no. 1

If you want to have French adventure in Dallas, welcome to this place. This is a French oasis in the center of Dallas. The wine and cheese are on your choice. Traditionally, you should try apple pie and cup of coffee. The restaurant atmosphere reminds a little cafe in Paris. The menu is interesting and the atmosphere is cozy. Of course, it is better to book a table beforehand.

Dallas Gastronomy: TOP 15 Popular Restaurants

Truluck’s Seafood, Steak, and Crab House

You will like this place. The atmosphere is amazing. The food, drinks, service are perfect. This is the best place to have parties. You should try seafood, and steak with crabs and shrinks. The food is perfectly decorated. The restaurant space is roomy to seat far from another visitors and chat.

Five Sixty

The most important direction of this restaurant is service. This is true, but for mid-scale. The restaurant is famous of its amazing city view. This is the best view in Dallas! Everything is elegant. The menu is rich, the food is excellent, and the waiters are always ready to help in your choice. The portions are not big. You may try lamb meat and bacon!

Ocean Prime

Be impressed with high prices! The dishes of the first course cost for $30-50. The main course costs about 45$ and more. The restaurant is about 7 years old. The quality is still at the high level. The food is worth your money. This is not the restaurant for everyday dinner or lunch, but the best place for your business dinners or family parties.

Maggiano’s Little Italy

This is the piece of Italy in Dallas. The atmosphere of this restaurant speaks for itself. The service is fast. The choice of dishes is wide. This is the type of restaurant when you want to feel elegance. The atmosphere is chic and ritzy. The food is Italian. If you like Italian pizza or pasta, you will come back – this is the best Italian restaurant in the city.

Dallas Gastronomy: TOP 15 Popular Restaurants


The choice of main course dishes is really impressive. All of them are tasty. You should try salmon, and pasta with vegetables. The desserts speak for themselves: strawberry cake and chocolate. Visiting Dallas, you have to visit Zaza. This is the visiting card of the city. If you like high-class warm atmosphere, you are welcomed.


You will be surprised! The restaurant is situated in the shopping mall. Thus, the atmosphere is European. This is also a nice chance to have dinner after shopping. The service and food make this restaurant worth visiting. Try to learn menu. Do you see anything interesting? You can find everything for your taste. Never miss seafood piе with mussels and shrinks.

Dallas Gastronomy: TOP 15 Popular Restaurants

The city is full different restaurants and cafes. To visit them all, you have to travel by car. It is impossible to spend the whole day for visiting restaurants only. So, you should combine visiting restaurants with learning the city interesting places, shopping and entertaining. The competition is strong. So, you have always a chance to become the happy participant of restaurant special actions, sales, and attractive proposals. Rental car services in Dallas will help you to travel the city with comfort.

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