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Cosmetic Shopping Guide: Greece, Germany, Thailand, USA, Portugal, Israel

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How can you get the use from the travelling? Of course, you are going to travel much, learn attractions and go shopping. By the way, there is always time to go shopping. What a great idea to buy cosmetics from the different countries. It can be interesting and very profitable. What is more, every new country boasts the natural cosmetic sets that are specific for one or another territory.



This country is a champion in producing professional cosmetics. There are many laboratories in the country that are specialists in producing one or another cosmetic brand. It is cheap here. Holy Land, Christina, Anna Lotan, GIGI this is the list of the most popular brands that produces and widen the list of their products. You can find non-traditional cosmetic brands. Ananda is one of them. It is created on the base of the ancient philosophic science Ayurveda. It contains only natural ingredients and herbs.

Locals prefer using home-made cosmetics made of mud and salt to professional care. They made creams and scrubs of the ingredients that are taken from the Dead Sea. You are offered to buy mud and salt just in your hotel. This is a popular cosmetic product here. The mud from the Dead Sea stimulates the hair growth, betters your skin, prevents cellulite. It is better to buy cosmetics in the pharmacies or special cosmetic shops – it is much cheaper than in the Duty Free shop.


Holy Land


Sea of SPA


Anna Lotan


Fresh Look




Learning the list of Greek cosmetic brands you can see that Greek cosmetic is also natural. The biggest Greek passion is olive oil that is used to take inside or outside: you can use oil to make the hair mask, massage or compresses. You can buy cosmetics in the pharmacies, shopping malls, souvenir shops. This is true, but the most of the local face creams are heavy textured. Nevertheless, Greeks produce the best body series. Remember that hand-made product don’t live long.




Fresh Line


Elpiniki Olive Skin Care


Bio Select


Eau de toilette natural


Thai women are very experienced in the beauty questions. They are attracted with the natural oils, pearly powder, balsams and all fruit components. You can find the hundreds of SPA brands here. It is not surprising that SPA industry is one of main income streams in Thailand. If you are going to visit this country, be ready to have the baggage excess: salt scrubs, natural cosmetic and herbal balsams, Mangosteen soap, crystal deodorants, coco oil and different hand-maid essential oils. How can you pass by of all this beauty?

You can find a lot of interesting beauty things in the cosmetic pharmacies. The most of them are for the loyal price. There are also many attractive offers to buy hand-maid oils from the street merchants. Try to avoid them.


Lemongrass House

Oriental Princess



Sabai Arom





America is a real paradise for beauty lovers. This is the country where you can find all popular world brands for the tasty price. Americans are hospitable in sales, bonus programs and tones of samples. You are recommended to visit such big shopping malls as Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdale`s, and drugstores like Walgreens. American shopping has its own characteristics. Thus, you can meet a lot of products from the limited series. You can buy them only in the special shop of one or another brand. It looks like hunting! There is a pleasant bonus: you can visit the professional consultation of the brand specialist for free!





Anastasia Beverly Hills


Bumble and bumble





Germans always like the world eco. You can find a lot of organic shops, big and small, trading with organic cosmetics. Such trade marks as Rossmann or DM also have their eco-cosmetic lines. It is interesting to know, but if you want to buy cosmetics in the private supermarket, it will be cheaper but still a good quality. You can buy cosmetics, beauty gadgets, vitamins in the drug stores. You can pay with cash or credit cards that are good for EU countries.





Dr. Scheller



Hildegard Braukmann


Annemarie Borlind


LaMoM Has An Interesting Selection Of Soaps


Portugal is also popular as the heart of natural cosmetics. Aromatic water, soap, green cosmetic clay and other original cosmetic products are especially popular. Do you want to buy the best souvenir from Portugal? Hire a car in Lisbon and go to find the shop of Vintage Cosmetics at the Rua Anchieta, 11. This is your chance to buy vintage cosmetics that is made after the ancient recipes. The soap from the ancient technology costs about 2 EUR.

Claus Porto is the most popular cosmetic brand in Portugal. It is more than 100 years. The main its product is soap of all sizes and aromas. Claus Porto started produce soap in 1887. The locals take care of their image. So, they keep the recipe in secret. The skin is soft and smooth after the soap from Claus Porto. The soap is antiseptic to have the creamy texture because of the coco oil.

There is another souvenir cosmetic brand – Benamor. The company boasts the hand moisturizing cream. Anadia Profesional is one of the most popular face and body care brands: oil, soap, creams and masks. Pay attention to the cream series, made of the snail extract.

O Boticario was founded in 1977. It is as popular as Yves Rocher. O Boticario brand was founded by Miguel Krigsner as a drug store. Today, the company boasts the biggest in the world cosmetic-perfumery franchising chain. This is the chance to all problematic patients to take pleasant and aromatic treatment. This is a big step toward in the sphere of dermatology. This is not only the drug store, but place where you always feel comfortable.


Claus Porto


Anadia Profesional

O Boticario

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