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Content Tips: Don’t Bury Your Articles

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When it comes to writing articles, there are many tips and techniques out there for you to learn. One thing that is very important to learn is how not to bury your articles. With so much content out there today, it’s easy for your articles to get lost in the mix. When this happens, it will greatly reduce the chances that anyone will see your articles and you won’t get as many clicks as you are probably looking for.

Sometimes article writers don’t even realize that their articles are getting buried. They’re so excited to write their content and get it out there that they may not notice that it’s getting hidden and therefore not getting the views that it should receive. There are certain things that can cause this to happen and when you learn what they are, you can learn to avoid it. For example, submitting too many all at once can cause your articles to get buried.

First, let’s look at the common place to publish articles such as to popular online magazine communities. When you submit them all on one day, they will get posted at once and then get buried by other articles that come afterwards by other authors. You may have a better affect by submitting one each day over the course of several days and weeks instead of many of them in one day.

If you write for a site where people can subscribe to your content when it is published, you also want to make sure you spread it out. When you publish too much at one time, it can get buried in the reader’s email and they may not actually read all of your articles. The same can be said if people subscribe to RSS feeds of your content.

The same tips can be applied to just about anywhere you put your articles. This is why it is so important to learn how to space them out so you don’t bury your own articles. This will greatly increase your exposure so you benefit more from each and every article. This doesn’t mean that you should write less, only that you should try to spread out the submissions so there is a regular flow each day.

When you learn how to not bury your articles, the amount of clicks your articles receive will greatly improve. This is why it’s important that you follow the tips in this article so that each article you write from now on will get more views so that you get more benefit for your time.

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