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Consult With A Doctor Through A Unique Online Service: An Outstanding Benefit

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Technology has taken another step in the direction of helping people be well and stay well, adding an important benefit beyond quality healthcare advice. When using available web and mobile services, patients can consult with their own doctors or visit with an online doctor through a secure online video platform. This means that the individual can remain in his or her home, office, or surgery or even connect while on the move.

Taking time off from work to visit the doctor can mean lost production time for both the employer and employee as well as a loss in pay for the individual. This absenteeism, though necessary, can put a major strain on business finances as well with some estimates putting the loss at €1.5 billion annually. Many businesses are now signing on to these video doctor services as a way to provide a benefit for employees that is more efficient and of high quality.

Consult With A Doctor Through A Unique Online Service: An Outstanding Benefit

Many Uses

This service allows workers to access basic medical advice when needed as well as allowing them to discuss prescriptions when questions arise. In many situations, these issues can be resolved during a short consultation. Taking questions and concerns to a doctor’s office can mean long waiting periods that keep employees away from the workplace for hours.

Patients have access to registered general practitioners (GPs) while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. As a business owner or manager, you can provide outstanding health benefits for employees, which is a great advantage to both the business and the employees. This can also mean that your valued workers can take care of their health and well-being more efficiently, keeping them happier, more positive, and more productive.

Each individual has his or her own portable record of personal health information containing medical history and appointment records. This information is accessible at any time and it’s easy to get started. Just register for an account and then use email and password to login. Patients are asked to explain the reason for the visit and provide information on medications being taken and on allergies. Appointments are offered on demand or by pre-arrangement.

Payment Options

There are several payment options that allow you to access and use this remarkable service. Credit card details can be entered into the secure system. It’s also possible to establish a corporate scheme to have access to free consultations. Before consulting with a doctor online, you can update personal health information that you’d like to share during the visit. Pharmacy information can be entered so that doctors can send prescriptions directly.

It’s also possible for you to provide the service with your doctor’s information if you’re not consulting with him or her online. This allows doctors from this service to maintain continuity of care. You may have to wait 10 minutes for a consultation with a video doctor but the time is usually shorter than that. To avoid any wait, simply choose the option for the doctor to text or call when he or she is ready to see you.

This service can be extremely beneficial to employees and to your business. Your employees will feel valued and secure with online access to a GP.

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