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Consider These Colors For Next Time You Paint Your Home Interior

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How your home looks says a lot about your personality. Whether you play it safe with neutrals or go flashy with vibrant blues says something about the way you go through life. Here are four different looks you can get from your interior color choices.

Consider These Colors For Next Time You Paint Your Home Interior

Go for Classy

Almond colors are popular right now. The way to get a little more attention is to use these wall colors as a base. Then, you can trim up or accent the rest of the room with rich colors like deep reds or browns. If you are not sure how to get the look you want, then a painting contractor can give you ideas or do the work for you. Traditional colors will go with several design options, giving you more choices if you go this route.

Go Bold for Pizzazz

Oranges and purples are the two most common tones for this look. You can mix or match, or choose one color and accent it with gold for a completely different look. If these colors are too bright for you, then you can choose to downplay the colors and go bold with an accent wall.

Paint the walls a light tone, then use a darker color for the accent area. The only downfall to these colors is they go out of style super fast. If you do not mind painting again in a few years, then this is the way to go.

A Calming Environment

Soothing greens and grays are the best colors when you want a tranquil space. To get your Zen look, an earthy green is an excellent choice. Light greens like sages help you take a deep breath and think of nature. You can still do an accent wall with this color by going with a hunter green shade. Adding water fountains, bamboo screens, and aromatherapy candles will enhance the tranquil effect in this room.

Go for Long-Term Decorating With Blues

When you want a timeless color that will last for years, then any blue tone will go well. Navy blue and white is an excellent combination for any room. A light blue looks brilliant in the bedroom. You can accent with silver tones or use nickel door pulls depending on what room you choose for the blue.

Your home speaks volumes. To welcome guests, a bright yellow is always cheerful. This color also works magnificently in bathrooms and kitchens. You can always do a different theme in each room if you want a fantastic theme.

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