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Condensation Squeegee: An Effective Solution To Window Condensation

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The food industry spends a lot of time and energy dealing with the issue of moisture levels in processing and manufacturing facilities. Bacteria thrive in warm humid conditions, and quickly multiply.

Whilst there are strict food safety guidelines to adhere to, some organisations still experience moisture problems, such as overhead condensation and water vapour.

Hygiene squeegees for effective moisture control

One great solution for removing excess moisture is a hygiene squeegee, which has a number of benefits to make life easier and to keep moisture problems under control. Professional-grade squeegees come in a range of shapes and sizes, to suit various applications, and are also available in a range of colours, making it easy to keep specific squeegees reserved for specific locations within the workspace.

Condensation squeegees typically feature a one-piece design, for maximum hygiene. The squeegee’s supple rubber blade collects and removes moisture effectively, and, by connecting an aluminium handle, the squeegee can reach places that are typically hard to reach. With an extending telescopic handle, this type of squeegee can actually tackle surfaces up to 9.5 metres high. Bacteria literally have nowhere to hide! With ergonomically-designed handles, available in aluminium and lightweight fibreglass, operator comfort is maximised.

One of the simplest squeegee designs available is the single blade squeegee. The operator can push the blade or pull it to tackle moisture, with the same effect – total removal of all moisture. Again, this type of squeegee is available in a range of colours, and also in a range of widths, to suit all types of application and space.

For condensation control in small or restricted spaces, a hand-held single blade squeegee is an ideal choice. A smooth colour-coded handle is moulded to the squeegee stock, for maximum hygiene. This hand-held squeegee is the right choice when condensation or moisture is collecting on horizontal surfaces or on hard-to-reach small vertical areas.

Mould and bacteria growth can be quickly brought under control with a set of hygiene squeegees. Of course, operators need to be trained in the effective use of the equipment, and supervised to ensure that moisture control tasks are tackled properly.

Improved Working Practices

Whilst putting in place a condensation control process in a workplace, it could also be beneficial to introduce bespoke shadowboards for tools. Shadowboards are the ideal way to store tools and equipment, and promote discipline in the use and maintenance of those tools.

By introducing these bespoke shadowboards for tools into the workplace, firms will make life easier for their staff, since all equipment will be easy to find. Other benefits include reducing the possibility for accidents, and minimising equipment loss.

With regular and efficient use of hygiene squeegees, alongside shadowboard storage of tools and kit, any food or beverage workplace can see significant improvements

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