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Comparison Between Dilaudid And Oxycodone: What’s The Difference?

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The world of opioids is dense with many drugs, two of which are Dilaudid and Oxycodone. These prescription-based opioid analgesics are given for pain relief to the patients. One of the major differences between Dilaudid and oxycodone is, Dilaudid is often given for instant relief from pain, whereas oxycodone comes in extended-release and immediate-release formulations. Both of the drugs have the potential to become addictive, and people often start abusing them. There are experts who broadcast oxycodone recovery podcasts to spread awareness about this issue and its side effects on health.

Comparison Between Dilaudid And Oxycodone: What's The Difference?

The Effects: Dilaudid Compared To Oxycodone

Oxycodone is widely sold in the market under the name of OxyContin, which comes in liquid, pill, and tablet forms. This semi-synthetic drug is derived from thebaine which provides both immediate release and extended-release effects. An oxycodone recovery podcast can help you understand this drug and its effects more clearly.

Dilaudid, on the other hand, contains hydromorphone which is derived from the opioid morphine. It comes with an immediate-release formulation that comes in tablet form and as an oral solution.

Dilaudid V/s oxycodone high dosage, which one is stronger, you may ask. Well, to be precise, both of them are used for treating pain and can actually develop into a habit. This, in no time, becomes toxic, and it slowly starts getting addictive. It leads the individuals to get indulged in drug abuse patterns.

Signs Of Drug Abuse

Often the abusers try to obtain oxycodone and Dilaudid without any medical prescription. Some of the significant signs of drug abuse are:

  • Using the drugs without prescription
  • Indulging in higher dosages of drugs
  • Consuming the drug in between prescribed doses
  • Trying to alter the drug and its chemical formulation.
  • Over-explaining and exaggerating the symptoms to get their hands on the drug

Side Effects Of Dilaudid And Oxycodone

Here are some ways to identify the signs of Dilaudid and oxycodone abuse:

  • Constant mood fluctuations
  • A loss in appetite
  • A fluctuation in weight
  • Constipation
  • The person trying to isolate himself
  • Lack of interest in the social activities
  • A change in the sleeping patterns
  • Constant obsession with the drug
  • A lack of interest in up-keeping of their personal hygiene and physical appearance
  • Unable to perform the daily life tasks

All of these are very effective in spotting a person under the influence of drug abuse.

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