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City of Brotherly Love

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We all have a list of places that we’d love to visit but haven’t been to before. If you’ve always wanted to spend a weekend or longer vacation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then you’ll be in for a good time. The museums serve as fun sources of education, and the monuments make for great photo-ops. The native dishes of the city ensure that you end the day on a full stomach.

It’s important to do your planning beforehand so that you can schedule as many activities as possible. We also advise making sure that your phone or camera can record footage to share your journey with everyone at home. Here are some tips for a fun time in the City of Brotherly Love.


The location of your vacation rental plays a major role in how much you’re able to enjoy your visit. If you want to experience the most and best that Philadelphia has to offer, then you should pick a hotel, hostel, or apartment in the middle of the city. Most attractions in metropolitan areas are in the city center, so you’ll be able to save time and money on traveling by walking. It also helps to have different sources of transport close by for your further away ventures.

The best memories we have for vacations are the ones that we’re able to bring home with us. These come in the form of photos and videos that we create of our activities and the sites we come across. Be sure to stop by one of the AT&T stores in Pennsylvania before your adventures to make sure you are well equipped with the latest accessories such as headphones, earbuds or chargers. You may want to use this opportunity to check out the latest phones as well.


Very few cities give you a history lesson the way Philadelphia can. You can learn about the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution at Independence Hall. Those who want to discover extra details about the American Revolution and the founding history of this country should check out Independence National Historical Park. If you’re looking for a monument to take photos of that symbolizes American Independence, the Liberty Bell is a great option.

When it comes to providing information about local history, Eastern State Penitentiary can do so regarding the law. Old City is home to a variety of sites from the Colonial era that combine with styles that make up most of today’s neighborhoods. Franklin Court is also full of buildings and structures that you can take photos of and show friends and family.


Museums make up the majority of Philadelphia’s best attractions. Aspiring artists should make time for the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Rodin Museum and learn from the professionals of the past. The Franklin Institute is a great spot for people who want to learn about biology, astrology, and other scientific topics. This option, along with Please Touch Museum, works great for families with kids who want to become scientists when they grow up. Schools such as the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia will also provide a unique learning experience.

If you’re not into art, you can always use the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to reenact the “Rocky” movies. You should make sure you have a friend film you running up the steps to see how you do compared to the Italian Stallion.

South Street and Chinatown are great spots if you want to tour some bars and restaurants or do some souvenir shopping. Boathouse Row is a great source of education for architecture and makes for a great photo opportunity when the sun sets. And be sure to try one of Philadelphia’s cheesesteaks if you want a satisfying lunch or dinner. The best philly cheesesteaks can be found in the place they are named after.


Visiting Philadelphia is also an opportunity to come across a variety of wildlife. The Philadelphia Zoo makes this possible by letting you get close to animals like giraffes, lions, wolves, bears, and rhinos. Visitors will also get to learn about endangered species like Amur leopards, Chinese alligators and Western lowland gorillas and what can be done to save their kind. You may be lucky enough to spot some tigers walking above you in the Big Cat Crossing.

There are trails for other animals that you should make time for during your visit. Some are in the water for otters and red pandas, while others allow you to see gorillas and other apes hanging out in trees and passageways above you as if they were in their native environment. Classes are available in case you bring your kids along and want to learn about their favorite animals.

Put all of these activities on your to-do list so that you can make memories in your first, or next, visit to Philadelphia.

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