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Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

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So you’ve finally given in and realised that living in a slightly blurry world is no longer safe! The fact is you need to start wearing glasses, however knowing which ones to pick and what styles will suit you is another thing. There are a vast selection of glass frame styles and colours with a confusing array of lenses. Glasses are a fair investment so you can’t just go into an opticians and choose the latest fashionable style that your favourite celebrity has been seen wearing. What suits is dependent on many things from the shape of your face to how you wear your hair, your skin tone and your personal style.

Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Glasses


Personality is something most people don’t take into consideration when choosing their glasses. If you have a shy personality you probably wouldn’t go for a bold frame that would attract attention. On the other hand, if you are confident and bold then there is a strong chance you will be attracted to a frame with a stronger look.

Hair Style

When choosing the ideal fame, hair style plays a big part. If you make a feature of your hair, if it’s long or in a distinctive style, then a simple glass frame usually work best. Whereas those with shorter hair or who wear their hair up on a regular basis usually suit a bolder frame and can allow their glasses to make an impact instead of their hair style.

Skin Tone and Frame Colour

When choosing the colour of your frame you have to take your skin tone into account. There are so many shades available you will be able to choose a frame perfect for you. A general guide is if you have darker hair and skin tone, you can wear bolder colours and softer colours for those with paler hair and skin colour. There is an exception to that rule however as blondes often look great with a contrast of black frames. You could always choose a frame to bring out the colour of your eyes which can have great impact.

Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

Frame Shape

You have to take into consideration not just the colour and style of the frame but the shape and size of the frame. Choosing a frame that sits in balance with your face can be difficult so it’s best to take a friend with you when choosing a new pair of glasses or ask the opinion of the optician team to help guide you. Rectangular face shapes suit a wide frame, round faces suit angular frames and should avoid oval or round frames. Square faces suit oval frames but should avoid angular frames and if you have an oval face then you are very fortunate as almost any shape will suit you!


So you’ve chosen some fantastic frames but where do you start with lenses. Even with the simplest prescription, you can find yourself bombarded with options. Luckily your optician will be able to guide you through the myriad of choice. Decisions will be made on comfort taking into consideration the weight of the lens, protection from the sun and screen glare, appearance, which can be adjusted by thinning out the lens, and your lifestyle whether you are outside a lot or need an anti-reflective coating to help reduce the glare of artificial lighting.

Where to Buy

There are many opticians on the high street from the large discount chains to private opticians selling high end designer brands. You can even pick up a new pair of glasses at your local supermarket when doing the weekly shop. The choice is wide and there are glasses to suit all budgets which is to the benefit of the consumer. With online shopping being more popular it was only a matter of time that glasses became available online. The online selection has increased so you can now choose your next pair of glasses from the comfort of your home. Providing you know exactly what frames suit your face and the details of your prescription, you can buy designer glasses online without even trying them on! Some suppliers allow you to try before you buy and will send your selection so you can choose the ones you like best.

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