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Choose A Folding-Arm, Retractable Awning For The Ultimate Shade Solution

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Awnings are a relatively simple concept. But they deliver several benefits with minimum investment. Centuries ago, when people used heavy cloth or animal skins above their windows, the goal was to block the direct rays of the sun and keep rain from coming in. These early awnings were supported by other natural materials such as wood.

Fast forward two thousand years and you have awnings still serving the same purpose but they’re made from materials that didn’t exist in earlier years. Today, you also have the option of putting your exterior window treatment and entertaining space cover out of the way when not needed. This modern design is offered by some of the well-known suppliers in the industry.


The key is in the word “retractable.” New awnings can provide excellent protection from the sun and rain yet can be retracted on folding arms. This gives you options for your environment: shaded space when you want it or outdoor relaxation even when a soft rain is falling. This is an excellent choice for a patio, balcony, or swimming pool area and can even be employed above larger windows. Cafés and restaurants make use of this design to create comfortable outdoor environments.

One of the additional benefits of folding awnings, in addition to putting them out of the way when you choose, is this: you extend your comfortable living space without obstruction from posts or permanent beams. Consider this an investment in natural climate control for both residential and commercial settings. Business owners and homeowners will also find an array of colours to choose from in both single-colour or striped designs.

Retail shops and restaurants can also include beautiful awnings in their advertising budget by including a company name, a logo, a graphic, and/or a phone number in awning design. High-quality awnings are designed for ease of use so you can extend and retract with a basic crank-handle operation. Take operation to another level of convenience with an affordable motorised solution.

So Easy

When you choose the easy handling of motorised operation, you also get a six-year warranty so you can use your new awning with complete peace of mind. When you have guests or decide to gather the family on the patio or deck, for example, simply flick the switch and enjoy the space in a few seconds. If you’d prefer to extend and retract your awning from a distance, you can arrange for remote control. In fact, you can even include timers and sensors for complete convenience.

Within the larger category of folding-arm awnings, you have three options: the premium retractable-arm system, the box folding-arm system, and the spiral semi-box folding-arm system. Working with a top supplier also gives you access to expert advice on the best system and placement for your setting along with a free in-home appraisal. Installation is free with no deposit required and no interest charges. For entertaining at home or for the comfort of your customers and patrons, choose a folding-arm awning. Ask about a free no-obligation quote on your modern outdoor shade solution.

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