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How Automation Is Bringing Change In Email Marketing Platform In 2017

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Marketing plays a crucial role in the betterment of every business. It is important to market the business for its tremendous growth. According to a survey by an industry expert named as David Raab, there are approximately 70 percent people who are partially happy with the performance of marketing automation software. As per the “State of Salesforce study”, out of 100%, only 7% people are getting ROI from investing in marketing software. No matter whether the marketing software generates better results or not, they will always stay in the market for enhancing the growth of business. The inability of generating better results is going to bring the changes in Email marketing platform in the year 2017.

How Automation Is Bringing Change In Email Marketing Platform In 2017

What Actually Marketing Automation is?

Marketing Automation is the software that has the capability of automating all the tasks of marketing. With the help of marketing automation, you don’t need to send emails again and again. Once you initiate the targeted campaign, emails are sent automatically on the basis of such targets. Marketing automation is making the marketing easier by automating all the tasks.

Changes that Marketing Automation will bring in Email Marketing Platform:

  • New technology and marketing automation software will focus more on the primary needs of clients and accordingly, finds the particular technologies that can address every need of the client. Instead of integrating everything in marketing automation, marketing automation platforms in the near future will emphasize more on the smaller applications.
  • There will be a rise in machine learning automation in 2017. Rather than using machine rule-based system, machine learning automation keeps on getting smarter day by day. This mechanism makes use of data for making practical decisions. Instead of reacting to the successful campaign, the proactive marketing is used to identify what can create the future growth.
  • Email marketing automation platforms will be based on the artificial intelligence technologies that would help to allow the personalized conversations with customers to know their goals. A great thing about the personalized conversation is that it helps to eliminate spam that had reduced the use of marketing earlier.
  • The upcoming marketing automation trends will focus more on the behavior of customers. It is going to emphasize more on the loyalty of the customers. For loyalty programs, marketing automation will be acquiring personalization techniques.
  • A lot of growth was noticed in Account based marketing technique in 2016. It has also been found in the study by Sirius Decisions that around 70% B2B companies are emphasized on the adopting Account based marketing programs. Its explosive growth has resulted in the continuous growth of this program in coming year.

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