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How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots The Right Way

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There are many factors that lead to the development of dark spots such that it cannot be directly traceable to one cause. The factors in question are age, acne and blemishes, hormonal changes in the body, exposure to the sun’s rays and even some medical prescriptions. They all have one thing in common- they affect melanin content of the skin, which ultimately leads to the development of dark spots. From a health perspective, dark spots are not harmful but they can be uncomfortable as they are hideous. Understandably so, many with dark spots would wish to remove them but even in so doing, caution must prevail. The best approaches to remove causes of skin discoloration include:

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots The Right Way

1. Acid Treatment

The skin constantly sheds its outer layer to allow fresh cells to regenerate. However, some of the dead cells in the skin’s outer layer are not completely removed and require additional effort to eliminate them without which dark spots will start to form around them. Acid treatment method involves removal of the dead skin cells by use of acids- specifically salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxyl acid or tretinoin. They help to remove the outer skin layer thus removing the dark spots as well. These acids, especially the alpha-hydroxyl acids can cause light skin irritation but they are still effective nevertheless.

2. Exfoliation

If you want to prevent what causes age spots on the face, then exfoliation is a compulsory procedure that must be done not just once but on a continual basis over predetermined periods of time. Exfoliation, just like acid treatment removes the outer dead layer of the skin creating room for the new cells to regenerate. It can scrape away the dark spots in the process. It is a recommended method that can be done through the use of manual exfoliators or electric exfoliators. The choice of either method will depend on the skin type and thickness of the user.

3. Citrus Treatment

Removing dark spots does not always have to be an expensive process as long as you know what you are doing. The use of citrus fruits to remove dark spots is another home remedy alternative that can not only help you save money but also preserves and protects your skinin the process. Citrus fruits contain ascorbic acid that can help enlighten the skin and remove dark spots in the process. Fruits such as orange, lemon and pineapple are relevant examples in this situation. When combined with honey, they can make perfect face masks that can brighten the facial skin with consistent use.

4. Laser Treatment

Excess production of melanin is what causes age spots on the face and other regions of the skin in other parts of the body. Too much of melanin can cause uneven skin tone and can also trigger the development of dark spots. Laser beams can be used to rectify these discolorations and is one of the best alternatives. If cost is not an issue go for this method as it is very effective at removing dark spots or age spots. The intense beam of laser light used destroys the melanin cells that cause the dark spots.

5. Microdermabrasion

This skin care technique involves the use of crystals or grains to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. It utilizes abrasive instruments in order to remove the uneven outer layer of dead cells and consequently removing dark spots in the process. The reason as to why microdermabrasion is useful as a means of treating dark spots is because it can work for any skin type. However, when doing this procedure, care should be taken not to perform it too often as it can lead to erosion of the skin’s surface.

6. Red Onions

This is yet another important home remedy that can be used to eliminate dark spots. Just like citrus fruits, red onions also have acidic properties that can help smoothen and enlighten the outer surface of the skin. In addition, they also contain vitamin C which acts as a strong antioxidant thus eliminating skin blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation. Red onions can also remove acne and other forms of age spots that might manifests on the surface of the skin.


Removing dark spots from the skin can either improve the condition of the skin or make it worse depending on the approach method. While there are many methods of removing dark spots from the skin, the aforementioned methods take into consideration the safety parameter. The list is not conclusive neither is it limited to six but they are the most recommended means of achieving a flawless skin free of dark spots and other skin blemishes that may affect its appearance without causing regrettable side effects in the process. The skin may be the largest and toughest body organ but nevertheless deserves proper treatment and most importantly, care.

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