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Top 7 Causes For Double Chin

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Double chin is among the current most dreaded facial skin conditions. This is a crucial beauty concern for many people, especially women. This unsightly fold in the facial skin depicts an ugly facial profile that cannot be covered unlike other areas of the body. Having this feature does not mean that you are fat. However, in some cases, this is an indicator of being overweight.

Top 7 Causes For Double Chin

Also described as a roll of fatty skin in the chin, it has been understood to be a normal part of the natural aging process as well as fluctuating weight. Understanding the condition is equated to half treating this condition. Therefore, you should understand the various ways on how to get rid of double chin. To begin, below are some of the causes of the double chin:

1. Genetics

Almost every system and body part are familiarly linked. Just like eyes, hair color and other body parts, double chin can also be genetically inherited. With this, your double chin could be as a result of genetics. This implies that individuals whose family members have double chin have a high probability of developing this condition. Two main factors influence the development of double chins: Water retention rate and body’s fat storage. Genetics directly influence these two activities thus influencing the development of this condition.

2. Age

Double chin could occur as a result of a normal aging process. As a result of advancing age, the skin loosens and muscles loose elasticity. Chin muscles may be affected, slacken thus developing a double chin. Comparatively, people with old age tend to develop double chins more than young individuals.

3. Weight gain or weight loss

Weight gain is mostly as a result of eating fatty foods. Excess fats will increase the fat deposit content in the body. Like any other body part, the chin will accumulate these fat deposits. This leads to stretching of the skin and the resultant deformed skin structure. On the other hand, weight loss causes changes in the skin from its original shape to a new shape. Edges of the skin, including the chin, hangover resulting to a doubled chin.

4. Posture and facial expressions

Though it may seem unrealistic, postures can cause a double chin. Some routine postures, especially of the head, may lead to excessive muscle development around the chin. This occurs in a bid to balance the head and rest of the body. So to say, slumping posture results to muscle growth and fat deposits below the chin region. Additionally, certain facial movements can result in facial structural changes, especially in the chin area. This can lead to the formation of a second chin structure, the double chin.

5. Fat cells in the chin region

The amount and the number of fat cells available in the chin region may also cause the development of double chin. From basic sciences, fat cells in the body are not evenly distributed. Some individuals have more fat cells deposited in the chin thus directly predisposing them to the development of this condition.

6. Obesity

This is a major cause for the double chin to young people. The aged usually acquire this condition as part of the normal aging process. Obesity increases the number of fat cells in the body, which are the main cause initiating the development of double chin.

7. Muscle type and bone structure

Various people have different muscle and bone structures. For instance, some people have prominent jaw bones protruding down the chin. Such people develop a natural double chin. Muscles can be the other reason behind this condition. This translates to the formation and size of the muscles.


Having described some of the common causes of a roll of fat in the skin, it is of the essence, therefore, to identify some of the common remedies to this unsightly condition. Listed below are some of the common therapies on how to get rid of double chin.

  • Products and agents such as glycerin, vitamin E intake, cocoa butter, egg white face mask and sugar-free gum
  • Liposuction. This involves a cosmetic surgery to remove the accumulated fats.
  • Lifestyle and exercises such as facial, jaw and double chin exercises.
  • Obtaining a perfect posture.
  • Weight loss especially for obese young people

Attaining the perfect chin skin is not an easy task. It requires a combination of various remedies, including both home devised, therapeutic and chemical agents. Being a major nuisance that most people dread against, it is important to identify the weak spots that may result in the development of this condition. If cosmetic surgery, also liposuction is your option for choice, it is important to consult the services of an expertise professional. Verify also to ensure that you satisfy all the prerequisites of becoming a candidate for this surgery.

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