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Cargo Vans: 5 Perfect Models For Your Business Needs

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In today’s world of commercial relations, it’s very important to have reliable cargo transport at hand, especially if your business involves the frequent delivery of goods to consumers. However, there are situations when your work transport breaks down, or you need to process a larger number of delivery orders. Fortunately, one way cargo van rental will be a great way to solve the problem. 

You can rent a car of a cargo category in any place convenient for you, and use it for your special business needs. Plus, one-way car rental saves you the hassle of returning the vehicle to its original location. 

However, which cargo van to choose from among the many models on the car rental market? Check out the list of the best commercial vans that will be great helpers for your business:

Citroen Jumper 

Cargo Vans: 5 Perfect Models For Your Business Needs

French engineers managed to create a car that successfully combines ideal forms that guarantee the transportation of any cargo with ease. The driver’s seat of the Citroen Jumper is a role model that meets the strictest technical standards. 

Among the innovations is the placement of the gear lever on the center console. This solution is ergonomically justified as it minimizes the effort required to shift gears and makes room for a third seat. The car is very reliable because it’s made of wear-resistant materials and is also easy to maintain. 

The Jumper can reach a speed of up to 100 mph, while its average fuel consumption is 35-40 mpg. The cargo compartment of the van has a volume of 8 thousand liters.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 

Cargo Vans: 5 Perfect Models For Your Business Needs

It would be strange if the classic model of the German auto giant was not on our list. The car has a huge trunk, but the engineers focused on more than just cargo capacity. The safety and comfort of the driver/passengers are the main ideas of ​​this cargo van. 

Traditionally, Mercedes-Benz models are a testing ground for the latest technological solutions. You will get them if you rent a car from this automaker. One of the greatest innovations is Crosswind Assist, which is responsible for the anti-wind lateral stability of the vehicle through emergency use of the brakes. Other technology options include High Beam Assist, Blind Spot Assist, and Collision Prevention Assist. 

As you can see, the list is impressive. Add to it a disc braking system that brakes effectively even when fully loaded, and you have a great and safe truck for your business needs.

Ford Transit 

Cargo Vans: 5 Perfect Models For Your Business Needs

The legendary Ford Transit is a pioneer of commercial vehicles. Decades later, this American remains one of the best vans for business, helped by many modifications. 

The latest generation fully complies with the requirements of modern industry standards. Although the exterior of the van has become more complex, Ford engineers have done everything possible to ensure that this doesn’t affect the cost of operating the car. 

An example is a front bumper, which is made up of several structural elements. Now, if the bumper is damaged, it will be necessary to replace it not entirely, but only the defective part. 

As for the handling of the van, there are also interesting technical solutions. Despite the upwardly shifted center of gravity, the car holds the road well, while the suspension is moderately soft and energy-intensive. The car’s handling has good feedback thanks to the finely tuned electric power steering. You won’t have any problems when parking or driving on the highway.

All these advantages make Ford Transit an excellent rental car that will easily deliver your cargo wherever you need it.

Peugeot Expert 

Cargo Vans: 5 Perfect Models For Your Business Needs

The main advantages of the Expert model are ease of use, fuel efficiency, and reliability. This makes it popular among companies that are professionals in the cargo transport industry. 

Also, you will like its stylish look, as well as a very impressive luggage compartment volume and a carrying capacity of up to 1.4 tons. French designers and engineers have worked hard to increase the level of comfort for the driver. 

One of the unique technical solutions of the interior is the projection of information from the onboard computer display onto the windshield. The car also has a flexible holder for installing a navigator, smartphone, tablet, and other digital devices.

RAM Promaster

Cargo Vans: 5 Perfect Models For Your Business Needs

If you prefer diesel-powered cars, but don’t know which cargo van to choose, here’s the optimal solution for you. After another modernization, Promaster became more modern and acquired additional personality traits. 

The rigidity of the car’s structure has increased due to the strengthening of the body frame. The door mounts have become stronger and more reliable. The steering and braking system has undergone a major readjustment, thus becoming more efficient. 

The salon is separated from the cargo compartment by a metal partition, solid or with a glass window. The floor and walls are reinforced with plastic plates. Floor-mounted lugs are great for securing the load. If loading and unloading operations are carried out in the dark, separate lighting is provided in the cargo compartment. 

Thanks to the special design of the rear doors and the low platform height, such loading/unloading operations are very easy. One of the main advantages of RAM Promaster is a 2.3-liter 130-horsepower diesel engine capable of accelerating the car up to 100 mph. The volume of the cargo compartment of 8 thousand liters and the carrying capacity of up to 1.8 tons will allow you to use this car productively.

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