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Canadian Charm: Best Restaurants In Calgary

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If there are places you can’t avoid visiting are restaurants and food joints. Whether you’re travelling, working or just having fun, you will probably end up at a rest place at some point. Consequently, they have mushroomed with every business person looking to make huge profits.

Having said that, wondering where to go for a dinner treat is not unusual. The question which comes up more often when you’re looking to grab something is, which are the best restaurants in Calgary? Well, we have done the research for you and therefore, that should not be a problem after reading the rest of the article.

Blink Restaurant & Bar

Self-Portrait in an Italian Restaurant, Belltown, Seattle

Blink Restaurant and Bar is located on Stephen Avenue in Calgary down town. When it comes to food, it is known for serving delicious dishes in a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

The building itself, where the Blink Restaurant & bar is located speaks volumes. It is that historic building which captures some Calgary’s history as well as contributing to its good reputation as much as dining is concerned.

Charcut Roast House

Charcut: 45-minute sandwich lunchbox

The Charcut Roast House also comes on top of the list because of their amazing dining services. They are among the leading restaurants in Canada. They boast of evolving simple ingredients into delicious meals of our time.

They serve chef-driven and award winning urban-rustic cuisine. What’s more, they transform the authenticity of fresh local farm products and nice ingredients into energetic, refreshing and nourishing dishes.

Vero Bistro Moderne

Vero Bistro Moderne

Vero Bistro Moderne is also a great place to visit and grab fresh and healthy food. In connection with local producers, they outsource high quality ingredients which are used to make flavor inspired cuisine.

They serve a variety of small plates and other more substantial offerings such as Steak and Frites.

Himalayan Restaurant

Himalayan Restaurant, Seoul

Situated on Eat Lake Street in Minneapolis, Himalayan restaurant is a destination for anyone who is looking forward to a breathtaking dining experience. Opened recently in Minneapolis, they have expressed their desire to take authentic Nepalese cuisine close to the people of the Twin Cities.

They offer lunch buffet and dinner, takeaway as well as catering services Tuesday through Sunday. Each Himalayan’s chef specializes in a specific cuisine to make sure quality menu items are offered.

NotaBLE – The Restaurant

NOtaBLE: lemon meringue tart

Situated along Bowness Rd NW, NotaBLE-The Restaurant offers a variety of services to its customers.

  • Gourmet 2 Go

Under this category, they offer delicious, free-range chickens and some other delicious sides for a breathtaking and healthy dinner.

  • Group dining

They are trying to offer more convenient options for larger groups. NotaBLE have harvest tables which can accommodate up to 12 people. The group dining is ideal for family, weddings or business dinners.

  • Gift Cards

NotaBLE offers gift cards to their customers to allow them share the good experience and satisfy different kinds of appetites.

In conclusion, despite the presence of many restaurants, it is difficult to come across one, which satisfies your appetite fully. In many restaurants, there is a trade-off between serene environment and quality food. However, the above food restaurants are the best. Now, one of the things that stands between you and a healthy meal is distance. Bridge the gap by hiring a car from Calgary car rental.

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