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Call Locksmith In Houston To Resolve Common Car Ignition Switch Issues

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Car Key has many more functions than just opening the door and to switch on the engine. It is also smartly integrated with the in-built system computer, electrical accessories, and fuel too. Ignition key routes the power from battery to engine starter.

Four positions are included in an ignition switch

  • RUN (Powers both the electrical accessories and engine)
  • ACC (powers electrical accessories, only)
  • OFF

Other functions of ignition switch

  • It serves as anti-theft device
  • Ignition switch interlocks

Call Locksmith In Houston To Resolve Common Car Ignition Switch Issues

Common ignition switch issues

Factory defect

Ignition switch fails due to faulty installation in the factory. If your car is still under warranty then the manufacturers will replace the part. In case the warranty has expired, you can take assistance from reputable automotive locksmith. Common cars with factory related ignition switch issues are Nissan Sentra, Chevrolet, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Ford Focus.

Attempted car theft

When someone who is not knowledgeable about the working of ignition may try to steal the car and will generally end up messing with steering column and ignition switch. It is recommended to change the whole ignition assembly.

Improper key inserted

When you detect that a wrong key is slotted into the ignition switch, then don’t make an attempt to pull it out. In case, the key gets broken inside the switch, then you will need to use the spare key. However, if you do not have one then you will need to install new lock cylinder because new key cannot be copied from a broken key. It is wise to call locksmith in Houston immediately.

Jammed or worn out wafers

Every ignition key has chips, which slot in smoothly with corresponding cuts engraved on it. These parts get worn or jammed with dust and dirt causing switch failure. Contact a reputed ignition switch repair Houston service provider and get professional assistance, as sometimes there is no need for replacing the switch, simple cleaning, or replacing just the chip is sufficient.

Worn out key

Ignition keys cannot handle the wear and tear like the rest of the car. As key looses material, it’s working efficiency decreases and stops eventually. A new key can be made from the old key, but if your car uses smart key, then the new one will need to be configured, so as to be compatible with the computer. An authorized locksmith company will help you to program a new key that will be recognized by the car computer.

Transponder key fails to communicate with PCM

No one desires to experience transponder key malfunction, when they have to drive to different places and have important meetings or events to attend. Basically, transponder key failure means computer chip is not functioning or has lost its programming. To resolve this issue, reprogram the key or have the existing cuts duplicated and program a totally new key. A locksmith repair facility will certainly provide this kind of service.

Broken foreign object lodged inside the ignition switch

Again this is an issue that MUST not be tried, call professional locksmith. Fishing out an unknown object can cause more or irreparable damage to the switch. Therefore save the cost for replacing the entire ignition system calling Professional locksmith in Houston.

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