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Cake Pans, Its Uses, and The Different Types

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Several types of pans could be used for preparing a variety of delicious and mouth-watering cake recipes. There is a need to make use of the appropriate pans for preparing the cake recipe, suiting to the occasion and the baking time. There are various types of basic pans available with specific uses.

Cake Pans, Its Uses, and The Different Types

Type of Cake Pans

One can go ahead with learning the availability of different types of pans to purchase for her home or simply choose online cake delivery in Hanumangarh.

  • A pan type that comes with non-stick coating, having detachable bottom and side parts is the Springform. It is considered to be quite ideal for baking cake recipes such as cheesecakes. It is used frequently in layered and moulding mousse cakes. It is made from shiny tin. Now, new products can be found in the market that comes in assorted, attractive exterior colours.
  • Another tube pan type coming with detachable cone and side, with no bottom part is the Angel food. It is created specially to prepare angel food cakes. This type of pan does not require any grease to be applied in baking such type of cakes. A particular characteristic noticed in such type of cake is that it is necessary to have proper close contact to the pan sides or stick to it. After baking, it is in the reversed position that it needs to be cooled. A knife is to be used for running between the cake as well as the pan sides and allow the cake to be loosened without actually damaging the form.
  • The other type like ring shaped pans can be found in three kinds. The first is the tube or the ring, which is created with plain aluminium materials. Few pans may come with an opening present at the centre or probably without any opening, with or without the non-stick coating. It is quite ideal for majority of the cake types and is required to be oiled before being used for baking. The next type in this category is the bundt. It is created from cast iron or aluminium materials. Such type of pans can be found without or with non-stick coating. It is required to be grease prior to be used. The cakes that are baked in such pans can be quite appealing and are said to carry unique shapes. Savarin is the last type in this category. Such baking pans are designed specifically for preparing Savarin cakes and can be found in unique shapes, having ring pans created from aluminium. It offers lovely looking and interesting desserts.
  • Round pans are the other pan types available. They are created mainly from aluminium and may come without or with non-stick coating. These are just fabulous for genoise cakes and layered cake types. They can be found in various sizes and the ideal size being 8.5 – 9.5; 9.5 – 10.5.

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