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Business Lunch: 6 Prestigious Restaurants in New York

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New York is the industrial capital of the United States, so it’s not a secret that many travelers go there for official visits.

When it comes to choosing a place for business negotiations, the prestigious restaurants in New York is the first thing that comes to mind. Fortunately, the city has something to offer – its luxury, but at the same time unique and atmospheric establishments is a great place not only to satisfy hunger, but also to hold an important business meeting.

Check out some of New York’s outstanding restaurants, and choose your favorite one from the following list. If you want to come to a meeting on a luxury car, then Mercedes Benz rental NYC is something that will provide you high status and show your serious business intentions.

Casa Lever

If you and your business partner want to taste Italian cuisine in the heart of New York, then there’s nothing better than going to dinner at Casa Lever.

Located in the Lever House architectural monument on Park Avenue, this restaurant gives the complete illusion that you are one of the heroes of La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini. Here, everything is authentic – from impartial Italians in red shirts and bow ties to an elaborate menu with Prosecco, the freshest Panini and desserts melting in the mouth.

Sometimes, it’s easy to believe that you’re in Italy, and only the stylish and noisy New York crowds bring you to reality.

Address: 390 Park Avenue


The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer is a chic grill bar located near Central Park. For the preparation of fresh fish, seafood, including the whole lobster on the grill and steaks, Chef Braden Reardon is in charge here, while award-winning mixologist Christian Sanders creates the best cocktails.

In the Wayfarer you can safely spend the whole day: there is an oyster bar, three dining rooms, a small cafe and a lounge area. Classic interior in the style of the 19th century is perfectly combined with the contemporary art installations.

Address: 101 West 57th Street


Peter Luger

It may sound unbelievable, but according to Zagat Survey, Peter Luger has been recognized the best steakhouse in New York 30 years in a row. Opened in 1887 in Brooklyn, the restaurant experienced a change of owners and a fire in 1984, which almost completely ruined the establishment.

Fortunately, Peter Luger managed to recover from the fire and regain its former glory. Now the steakhouse is booming, its co-owners include Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump, and among the famous visitors were Alfred Hitchcock, Robert de Niro, Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Carson and many other celebrities.

In addition to first-class steaks, the restaurant features the atmospheric interior with oak panels, wooden beams and massive brass chandeliers.

Address: 185 Broadway, Brooklyn


Monkey Bar

Having opened its doors in the times of the Great Depression, initially the Monkey Bar was just a close piano bar with an abundance of mirrors and dim illumination.

In the 1950s, mirrors were removed and replaced with frescoes from Murano glass with monkey images created by the famous cartoonist Charlie Val. In subsequent years, the establishment became a gathering place for high-ranking politicians, media figures and representatives of creative professions.

In 2009, Monkey Bar was acquired by Vanity Fair chief editor Graydon Carter who turned it into what the establishment is today – a stylish restaurant with a retro atmosphere and great music.

Address: 60 East 54th Street



If healthy food and excellent well-being are in priority for you and your business partner, then visit Souen – the Japanese restaurant which for more than 40 years offers visitors an exceptionally organic, healthy, traditional Japanese food.

The restaurant adheres to the macrobiotic food system, according to which meat, dairy products, eggs and even some vegetables are excluded from the diet, but grains, legumes, soybeans, green vegetables and fish are very welcome, as they restore the flow of energy in the human body and have a positive effect on health.

The menu has a minimum of salt, the complete absence of fried ingredients, but a lot of soups, fish, sushi, and a fine selection of vegetarian desserts.

Address: 28 East 13th Street


La Esquina

La Esquina is a charming Mexican restaurant that belongs to the category of secret places, which means the there’re almost no chances to get there without advance searching.

From the outside, it looks like a simple Mexican eatery. Moreover, on a gray inconspicuous door leading to the restaurant you’ll see the sign – ‘Entrance for employees only’. Thus, in order to get inside, you will need a pre-reservation and a confident look, but below, on the underground floor, there’s a first-class, stylish restaurant decorated in a futuristic style.

In the menu – all the classics of Mexican cuisine including ceviche, tacos, quesadillas and grilled corn are presented. Perfect selection of drinks is also at the visitors’ disposal.

Address: 114 Kenmare Street

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