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Brow Bone Reduction: An Efficient Way To Raise Your Beauty Standards

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What if your brow line appears to be too bony and protrudes from your face? As a result, your eyes and upper cheekbones may appear shadowed, which is not what you want. When it comes to light reflection, the bony prominences along your brow line, eyes, and frontal sinus might have an impact. A more tired, aged, manly, or feminine appearance may result from this bright pattern. On the other hand, surgeries like brow bone reduction allow you to alter the shape of your brow line and forehead contour. The presence of brow bone has been demonstrated to be one of the most powerful gender identifiers, and brow bone reduction is frequently the first operation we prescribe to patients who want to make their faces appear more female. This method involves lowering the brow bone to allow the forehead to flow smoothly into the nose, reducing the orbital rims and bone over the eyes to let the eyes open, and rounding and softening the forehead.

Brow Bone Reduction: An Efficient Way To Raise Your Beauty Standards

What is Brow Bone Reduction?

Brow Bone Reduction surgery (also known as forehead reshaping and contouring) is an aesthetic operation performed as a part of facial feminization surgery. The operation requires a surgeon with significant training in both general plastic surgery and craniofacial surgery. A high level of competence is required because the surgeon will be modifying the skeletal (bony) structure of the skull and the soft tissues of the face.

Types of Brow Bone Reduction:

Type 1 brow bone reduction

 This technique is for patients with thick bones who can benefit from burring to remove several millimeters of bone. Because most individuals have a relatively thin anterior wall, this isn’t a typical occurrence. It may, however, be a viable choice for patients who have little bossing, to begin with, and want a minor improvement. Patients who don’t have a fully formed frontal sinus are also prospects.

Type 2 brow bone reduction

Only surgeons who don’t perform type 3 forehead reconstructions employ this option. Proper use requires a satisfactory angle between the nose and the forehead. In that situation, only the bossing concavity needs to be addressed. Bone cement will be used to fill the concave above the bossing.

Type 3 brow bone reduction

A Surgeon refers to the most common forehead recontouring surgery we undertake (since it is the most indicated). The frontal sinus anterior wall is removed, modified, and reinserted. Forehead rebuilding and bone cement filling are sometimes required to get the desired form. The surgeon uses more and more bone cement to achieve the desired effect.

So What’s Next?

  • After surgery, you will need to stay overnight.
  • Inflammation can last for a few days and is easily treated.
  • After this surgery, many patients can return to work in 2 weeks (as a stand-alone procedure).
  • Sutures dissolve on their own.
  • You can expect three months of numbness on your forehead.
  • For eight days, avoid any exercise that makes you sweat or raises your pulse.
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