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Boost Your Hormone Count With HGH Injections

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Hormones are known to manage some metabolic activities of the body. However, once an individual crosses the age of thirty, he or she becomes deficient in human growth hormone. Hormonal loss often causes Somatotropin (or human growth hormone) deficiency syndrome. Some of the most common symptoms of decreased hGH include increase in fat and loss of muscle. In case you have been suffering from these issues in recent times, then you are likely to be bothered by the reduction in energy levels and decreased physical mobility. Problems related to the low level of growth hormones reduces healing ability and often exposes victims to dangers of cardiovascular disease.

Boost Your Hormone Count With HGH Injections

As measuring hGH hormones, is a tough task, then the most widely used method is to measure Somatomedin-C, which is also known as Insulin Factor-1.8u. Thanks to innovations taking place in the field of technology, you can regain the required amount of hormones in your body with the help of hGH injections. Once you undertake these medications, you will feel an improvement in your energy levels, better memory, increased bone density and lean muscle mass and reduced body fat. You can continue with these hormone treatments till you attain the hormone levels of a young man.

The amount of dosage that you will have to stick to should be decided by the doctor you are consulting. Usually, lower doses of 4-8 IU(international units) are divided into two doses daily for five days in a week. You can learn to take a subcutaneous injection on your own during the morning. It is wise to refrain from taking injections for 1 or 2 days in a week. To gain the best results from these medications, timing and the amount that you intake are major factors.

So, one of the first things hat you need to do is to undergo diagnosis of hGH deficiency. This includes special tests to stimulate GH production. Patients who undergo hGH therapy are less vulnerable to the risks of heart diseases. It will help you to arrest all signs of aging and help you to regain your vitality. Your sleeping pattern will also show marked improvement over a period.

The duration of the therapy may vary from two weeks to a year depending upon the type of problems you have been suffering from. In case you are deeply concerned with the problems of aging and find it increasingly difficult to get on with your day to day life, then you can go for this type of therapy. However, make up your mind only after consulting a doctor who has in-depth knowledge about this domain. Therefore to roll back time and regain youth, opt for hGH injections.

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