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Boost Your Brand Using Postcard Printing As A Marketing Tool

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Printed media will never go out of style. The explosive popularity of digital publicity is actually empowering the use of printed material for marketing purposes. The tactile and often ludicrous aspect of these artifacts makes them feel special to the eyes and touch of the everyday tech freak.

Boost Your Brand Using Postcard Printing As A Marketing Tool

Bring that Print Back

By pulling us out of our efemerous digital lives, printed media can stand out and boost your brand in an efficient and nostalgic way. And if nostalgy is the name of the game, then your best bet might just be to give Postcard Printing a try. Think about it — while email newsletters are the natural evolution of the good old paper marketing mail, most of the time the only true purpose of these colorful messages is filling up your spam folder. However, it’s hard to ignore a nice piece of postcardin your mailbox, especially if it features a cool piece of art, stunning photography or some useful information.

Postcardalso have some clear advantages over most printed marketing mail strategies:

  • Postcardmeans faster communication — no need to crack envelopes to read, all the info is right there to glance and savor.
  • Postcardhas many different applications and uses — you can mail them to your customers, offer them for free in postcard stands, use them to list appointments or even start a collection trend! The possibilites are endless.
  • Postcards are cheap and quick to create and produce. Some companies offer different samples for your postcarddesigns. If you have a designer on your team or have some creative skills, you can make the whole thing from the comfort of your home and office, and have them delivered at your convenience.
  • Postcards are not “junk mail”. It’s easy to throw away a flyer, folder or even a magazine, but most people hang on to postcard, since they are easier to store and normally have more uses.

Make the Most of your Postcard Printing

Even though you should have a clear goal in mind before spending money in marketing, postcarddesign should be fun. A quirky postcard will stand out way more than a simple picture/logo/info print, and it will likely make people hang on to it longer. Here are some tips to make your postcards more interesting and useful:

  • Make your postcards useful — for instance, you can include tips for better self-care if you are a doctor, or cool trivia on celebrities if you are in the entertainment business. Useful postcards will make people refer to them more frequently, which gives more exposition to your brand.
  • Make your postcards collectible — you can design your postcardas part of a series. Not only this will attract the collector type, but it will show commitment to the project — making your brand or business seem more important and structured.
  • Don’t skimp on visual quality — your postcardshould catch the eye of everyone holding it. Choose a good picture, illustration or font styling before finishing it up, and your postcardwill show more results.
  • Consult the specialists — companies ready to give you tips on how to make the most of your postcard, so, don’t hesitate on giving them a ring!
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