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Bone Density and Muscle Strength

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Over the course of years, both men and women experience numerous physical changes. As the body gets older, we have to accept that it is turning into a battlefield of disorders and our efforts to defeat them. One thing is for sure, though – regular workout decreases the risk of many physical issues. Since the thinning of bones and fat gain are among the most widespread disorders, increasing bone density and muscle strength seeks special attention.

Bone Density and Muscle Strength

Anything Active Works

Let’s face it. Most people in their late thirties and early forties, which is when our bones become more fragile, do not have too much free time for special gym sessions. However, this should not prevent them from being physically active. Riding a bike for a half an hour a day, running, doing pushups and pull-ups, as well as abdominal crunches will serve the purpose. By increasing your muscle strength, you will also boost up your bone density . You do not have to look like Mr. or Mrs. Universe to know that your bones are strong.

Adapt Your Diet

The question of bone density and muscle strength does not only regard a person’s physical appearance. Unbalanced chemical compounds in your body can thin your bones, which makes them easy to break. This is why you have to adapt your diet to your age. Anybody over 30 should lower the amount of salt in their food, since sodium is very successful at pushing calcium out of your bones. The link between strong bones and a proper calcium intake is explained here.

Furthermore, you have to meet some meat consumption standards. The calcium and phosphorus in bones are used to enhance meat digestion. So, the less meat you eat, the fewer bone-strengthening substances are wasted.

Low Testosterone – Fragile Bone

While female problems with bone density usually arise from postmenopausal physical changes, men’s problems related to bones are usually caused by a low testosterone level. Men should know that the biggest enemy of their masculine hormone is fat. It literally kills testosterone by converting it into estrogen. Higher estrogen levels will affect the release of testosterone, which will in turn lower your muscle strength and increasing the fragility of your bones. Of course, physical activity can help your bones recover. However, if you are already walking on the track of your forties, the level of testosterone in your body should be additionally balanced out with testosterone supplements, to speed up the process of muscle mass gain and slow down bone damage.

Spot Osteoporosis on Time

The biggest problem with this bone disease is that is not easy to spot. Actually, unless you go for a special test, called the bone mineral density test, it is very hard to notice anything. The harder way to discover that your bones have been struck by osteoporosis is by breaking one of them, which should be avoided at all costs. Like any other disease, this one also has to be spotted on time, in order to begin the special workout regime and medical treatments, and minimize its harmful effects.

Our body is a true labyrinth of mutually connected units. If you neglect your physique, other parts of your body will suffer, as well. So, lead an active life, keep your diet rich with vitamins and minerals and let your muscles and bones live in synch for many, many years.

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