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Best Details for the Best Instagram Options

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We repeat, it is not the solution that we personally feel like advocating, but it remains a valid alternative. Especially if you are not a neophyte and you have a good experience related to the world of the internet in general.

Contact Facebook support

We imagine you know that Instagram belongs to the same owner as Facebook. Good old Mark Zuckerberg. If you have a company profile you are also aware of the fact that Instagram and Facebook are connected to each other and it is thanks to this virtual bridge that you could get back your Instagram profile.

  • The personal experiences tell that Facebook assistance is usually more prompt and available when it comes to helping a user in need.
  • Last year an individual struggling with an issue related to her Instagram profile was able to resolve the issue thanks to the assistance of Facebook.
  • And even in this case, the story repeated itself. Expert decided to write directly to the assistance of Facebook and thanks to their providential intervention the never unfortunate friend managed to get back in possession of her Instagram profile.
  • We asked the expert to tell us in detail how she managed to recover her profile thanks to the assistance of Facebook. We will update the post with your testimony as soon as you can send it to me.
  • How to defend against a hacker attack
  • Now that you’ve got your profile back, you don’t want the story to repeat itself, right? And then we discover together some fundamental precautions to make your profile hacker proof.

Choose a strong password

The first aspect to focus on is obviously the password. Create one that contains at least 8 characters. Use upper and lower case letters, take advantage of special characters. In short, make it as complex as possible. On the web there are a lot of effective password generators, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Do not use external applications

One of the most frequent causes of hacking is all those free applications that you can find on the various stores. Well, be wary of all the free apps you find on the net. Some apps are useful and in some respects essential. However, they are usually paid. And when an application is free it is very likely that a nice rip-off is hidden behind it.

Enable two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication will protect you from a possible hacker attack. Setting it up is very simple. Enter your profile settings and scroll down to the “Privacy and Security” section. Select the two-factor authentication item and follow the wizard. On the next screen, you can choose the method to use. We suggest the first one. In this case, whenever Instagram detects a suspicious login, it will send you a security code to make sure that it was really you to authenticate.

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Two-factor Instagram authentication

As always, before saying goodbye, we like to give a quick summary of the article we just wrote. In this guide, we showed you how to contact Instagram support in the event of a hacker attack. In spite of all these, if you face the hacker attacks, the Instagram password hacker is there to recover your password.

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