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Best Biometric Gun Safe Rifle Storage Options

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Are you a rifle collector? Are your rifles your babies? Do you take care and nurture and clean your rifles like you would your children? Well, then the safety and security of your rifles are equally important. As a rifle owner or collector you are probably on the hunt for the perfect gun safe that can store your rifles in an organised manner and prevent any mishaps of thefts. Today we have compiled a list of the best and most popular biometric gun safes that can store your rifles securely. Here’s the list.

Best Biometric Gun Safe Rifle Storage Options

Mesa Safe Company Biometric Gun Safe Rifle Vault

Though steeply priced, the Mesa Safe rifle vault can easily store a number of rifles, pistols, hand guns and other firearms. Along with your firearms you can also keep your documents and valuables secure in this safe. Weighing approximately 650 pounds, this safe is constructed of heavy duty steel and is pretty much damage proof. The safe can further be bolted to the users floor. A drill proof plate protects the lock system thereby preventing the situation of robbery. The Mesa Safe rifle vault is fireproof too.

Stack On Total Defense 28 Gun Biometric Gun Safe Rifle Vault

Far more reasonably priced than the Mesa Safe gun safe, the Stack On Total Defense 28 Gun safe can store multiple rifles and handguns. The storage shelves of this safe are easily customisable. There are 6 shelves in total included in the safe. The inside of the safe is spacious and roomy. This safe is fireproof, waterproof as well as burglar proof. The door of this gun safe has a storage rack that can hold small sized guns and firearms. The locking system of this safe is extremely reliable, instant and safe. This gun safe weighs a little above 500 pounds and cannot be tampered with easily.

Stack-On FS-14-MG-C 14 Gun Biometric Gun Safe Rifle Vault

Stack-On 14 Gun Biometric Gun Safe is approximately priced at US$ 500. It can hold upto 14 different kinds of firearms. This safe has an extremely simple yet highly effective and reliable locking system. The interiors of this safe are completely carpeted thus providing ample protection to your guns and rifles. The safe can withstand a fire for upto 30 minutes. The safe comes with a total of 4 shelves that are easily adjustable. In comparison to other safes in this segment, the Stack-On 14 gun safe is far more reasonably and affordably priced.

Mesa Safe All Steel Biometric Gun Safe Rifle Vault

Mesa Safe All Steel is a heavy duty and tremendously popular gun safe. Made completely from steel, this safe is fireproof for upto an hour and cannot be tampered with. The safe can be dropped from a 2-story height and will still not break. The user can store upto 10 guns in this safe effortlessly. Some users have even managed to store upto 14 guns in this safe. The Mesa Safe All Steel gun safe is of high quality and the locking system of the safe is extremely reliable and dependable. Due to its heavy weight, there is no question of burglars picking up the safe and absconding with it.

Stack-On 24 Biometric Gun Safe Rifle Vault

As the name suggests, this safe can store upto 24 guns and firearms. The locking mechanism of this safe is an electronic combination keypad system. The door of the safe also has a storage facility. In the door smaller weapons like knives and pistols can be stored. The interiors of this safe are carpeted and provide all the weapons stored inside complete protection from damage.

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