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Benefits Of Nasal Filter As A Pollution Mask

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Research shows that the air we are breathing is far more polluted than we think it is, it’s very dangerous to take this air directly to our respiratory system. Many countries like India, China, US are facing the issue of air pollution due to a large number of industries growing day by day, people started to increase the use of air conditioner which depletes the air index and releases harmful gases which cause air pollution, huge amount of trees are getting vanished which also leads to the depletion of air and cause air pollution. There are many people who are not aware regarding the pollution they just do what they wanted to do for their living despite knowing the fact that it depleting our nature in a very bad way so pollution mask is very much required.

The air is contaminated with lots of things like carbon particles, dirt, PM 2.5 which is as minute as a human hair which penetrates deep inside the skin and causes the lot of problem to lungs, throat, nose, and respiratory system, all of this causes problem both either short-term or long-term problems.

Short-term problems are like throat issue, breathing shortness, skin irritation, and long-term problem are like respiration problem, lung cancer, and imbalance blood issues.

Air is so much polluted that there is a need of some outside protect which may be a mask or any other thing like air purifier for indoor uses.

nostril mask or nasal filter: Buy nasal filter as it protects your nose, respiratory system, lungs, and skin from harmful gases and particle in air which can cause a variety of health issues, there are more type of mask in the market but nasal filter works best, as nostril mask or nasal filter which is fitted inside the nose and absorb the gases and chemical from the air which goes inside the body through nose, so it’s up to you which type you like the most, it depends on your working conditions as people working on filed who move around the city and travel a lot due to work has to go for nostril because it will not come between their work and seems to be hassle-free as there is no need to put it out and put it back after talking, eating or any other work.

People who are constantly in the exposure of outside air must consider buying a face mask it seems like an investment for them as the diseases caused by air pollution will cost more to recover then that mask, so try to use it in starting it feel little odd but after some time you feel something from inside to wear it as it protects your body from inside and outside both.

Air condition is getting worse In India so we as India has to wake up and plant more and more tree to secure our futures and give the earth its new life because the earth is dying day by day and we human has a great role in doing it.


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