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Belkin Router Problems And Confirmed Fixes

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Routers are the devices which are used to connect to internet. The device is installed at home or offices by Internet service providers and works as a medium by which phones, laptops and computers get connected to Internet. There are various types of routers available in market. One of the best known routers available is Belkin routers. Various problems have been encountered in these routers recently but one of the best things for users is that fixes have been made available by Belkin so that users can connect to internet.

Are you using Belkin routers to connect to internet? Are you facing issues with your Belkin routers lately? Are you looking for quick fixes? Is yes, then you are reading the right article. In this article we have provided some of the issues related to Belkin routers and easy fix which may resolve issues related to internet connectivity.

Belkin Router Problems And Confirmed Fixes

Problem 1: Laptop Connects to Home Network by not Internet

One of the most commonly occurring issues with routers is that they are not able to connect to internet even though they seem to be connected to home internet. The possible reasons for this issue could be that internet connectivity seems to be having some issue. Most of the times, the services get restored after few minutes but in case the issues are not resolved then it is advisable that you need to unplug your router device cable and them wait for around 5-10 minute before you plug the cable again. Once the cable is plugged in again, you can restart the router again and the router should be able to reconnect or restore the internet connectivity. This solution is most commonly required since the routers may get some kind of problems in internet connectivity. In case the issue persists then you may even contact the support center at toll free number – (800) 223-5546.

Problem: Problem with firmware update

Apart from the internet connectivity issue, there are other reports also found in the firmware of Belkin routers due to which outage is commonly found in various areas. Sometimes you open your router using default IP address and it asks for the firmware upgrade or sometimes you may even look to perform firmware upgrade using default IP address. Taken from this site : It is also quite possible that your router may not be able to get the required upgrade or triggered due to false denial of service to router. The outage can also be due to changes made in the data center as well, so it is better to wait for some time or contact support center to know about such outages. One of the quick fixes about this problem is to restart your modem and the internet connectivity may get restored as well.

Fixes for iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac

One of the easiest ways to fix the issues related to Belkin routers includes unplugging network cable which is normally plugged into the Belkin router and the one which is connected to your system device. There is one of the challenges faced in most devices. One of the things you can perform is to set the DNS servers to the Google Public DNS.

Fixes for iPhone & iPad

  1. First thing you need to do is enable Wi-Fi connectivity in your device
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi network which you wish to configure.
  3. Now you need to tap the blue arrow button which is one the network name and then configure the settings.
  4. Now select the DNS field and values which you need to enter are and Make sure that you separate the address using comma.

Fix for Android

  1. Open settings in device and modify network.
  2. Open advanced settings and change the IP settings to static.
  3. Enter DNS server address as and as DNS1 and DNS2 respectively.
  4. Save and reconnect device.

Fix for Windows

  1. Open Control panel -> Network and Sharing Center
  2. Edit connections.
  3. Click properties -> select IPv4 settings
  4. Enter DNS server address as and as DNS1 and DNS2 respectively.

Now click on Ok and then close the control panel. This way your system is now configured to use the static DNS address.

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