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Basic Elemental Pilates You May Try Out

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Have you ever walked down the sandy beaches of Miami and seen the sculpted bodies of men and women? Did you ever wonder if they had a lucky roll at the genetic dice, or do they train hard everyday? Chances are they train hard every single day. They also most likely implemented a routine into their daily work-out called, “Pilates”. Pilates focuses on using the core muscles of your abdominal wall and the concentration of your mind to perform controlled maneuvers that strengthen different muscles resulting in tone and strength.

Know What Types Of Pilates Equipment Everyone Should Use

Core Strength   

It doesn’t take very long to figure out that what makes Pilates so intense is the use of your “core” muscles. These “core” muscles, also known as your abdominal wall, are what helps stabilize all the other movements. A strong core is what helps execute other moves smoothly and effectively. The stronger your core strength the better controlled your movements and the more toned and stronger you become as a result.

Major Target Areas   

Pilates also helps strengthen your legs, buttocks, pelvic floor and the muscles along your spine. These well-known “pillars” of the body are just as important as your core and are the pathway to a better body and mind. The stronger these areas become the less prone to accidents you become.

Breathing Helps Build Muscle   

It is believed that when you have a good breathing pattern in Pilates it releases tense muscles and eases the mind. Breathing properly during your Pilates routine also increases blood rich nutrients that are sent to the muscles in use. The proper breathing technique used in Pilates is deep chest breathing. You can practice breathing by flexing your chest out and inhaling and then collapsing your chest as you exhale. It is also important to suck in your stomach at the same time so as not to breath in through your stomach.

Concentration and Control

Pilates, unlike other exercises, doesn’t use “reps” to increase intensity, but instead you are encouraged to use the weight of your body and focus on proper form and improving upon it by; breathing deep, concentrating on your muscles in use and controlling the intensity of the movement you are executing. When combined the effectiveness of Pilates is undeniably one of the best exercises in history.

The benefits of Pilates far exceed any other exercise in comparison. So much is learned from doing Pilates on a regular basis that before long you notice an increase in, not only, your strength and muscle tone, but also in your mind, concentration and relaxation. Add to that Pilates exercise in Miami and you’ll be unstoppable.

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