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Backyard Pub Shed Ideas

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If you are looking for a new project for spring then this might be a good idea for you. The latest craze in building projects among home owners has been the construction of their own backyard pub sheds. Adding value to your property through building something you will enjoy for a long time is not the craziest way to make money. This idea is not too far off from the typical man cave however there are a wide variety of themes that can be applied to the construction methods that personalize it to suit anyones tastes.


Brew Station

The first example is going to be the most functional of all. Comfort is given up over the truly inspiration backyard brewing concept. Housing many different equipments need for the brewing and bottling process this back yard pub shed is designed to spark conversation about the whole process while you sample your wares with guests. Although much space will be needed to accommodate the brewing facilities be sure to dedicate an area for relaxing after we are trying to create a space to hang out in and entertain so additions such as a couple simple sofas and a coffee table will be all that is needed. Personalized beer steins would be a great finishing touch to this pub shed.


Yurt with a Hammock

Our second example is designed solely for comfort. This theme is almost that of a mongolian yurt however the construction is designed this way to be functional is the aspect that floor space is divided up evenly throughout and is a great way to maximize seating. Another feature this design allows for is that is is perfect for putting up a hammock. With enough space to fit multiple chairs and tables the addition of the hammock makes it fit extra people comfortably. The door feature is also pretty remarkable. Not having a ton of windows this design actually opens up and a wall acts as a door. Perfect for those who enjoy bright airy places to relax.


The Patio Grill

This theme is both economical and an efficient use of space. By using typical industrial building material and by having it built on your existing deck you will save a lot of money. Going with the vibe of a patio grill at a trendy restaurant you will be able to entertain your guests as you fire up the bbq. The rigid industrial nature of the corrugated steel roof and wall panel are hidden by the fine cedar posts and trim. Nice additions and accents both functional and decorative would hard wood elements and stainless steel fittings.


Built for two

Our last example is not as loud as the others and is designed for a more relaxed a quiet setting. Given that space is limited with this design it will promote a kind of natural conversation and attention will be more focused on the overall setting of where it has been built rather than the building itself. Bright and airy this will hold more people but is ideally built to have two. This style is more for the weekend getaway home and relies on a simplistic quaint wholeness that relaxes people and promotes a more intimate conversation.


If you are interested in finding more ideas online there are plenty available themes that people have already created to draw inspiration from. Remember that this is also something that will improve the value of your property so keep in mind the resale value when you are deciding on how you want to proceed with the building plans. You might not want to go too crazy if you are planning on selling you house in the next 5 years.

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