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Avoid Bacterial Infection During Season Change

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Season changes and city pollution leads to a lot of viral attacks and infection in a human body these days. The most common thing is catching a cold and suffering from throat, ear and nose infection. There are some ways to prevent them though.

Avoid Bacterial Infection During Season Change

To prevent throat infection and other types of common infection, one needs to follow certain things.

  • The primary thing is to maintain proper hygiene. This is because; most of the infection attacks mainly happen because bacteria and fungi attack these parts of the human body easily; especially the throat. This also includes the food you eat and the air you breathe. So maintaining a personal hygiene routine is very important. Wash your hands properly before eating something and try to use a sanitizer when you are not at home. Also while sneezing and coughing try to close your mouth to maintain the respiratory hygiene.
  • Try to eat healthy things so that your immunity remains strong. How your body will fight against the infections always depends on what you eat on a regular basis. So having a balanced diet is very important. This may include a lot of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits on an everyday basis.
  • Also trey to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will not only keep your hydrated but it will also prevent the respiratory linings to become dry. This makes it less susceptible to infection attacks.
  • Try to avoid direct contacts with those who are already suffering from the infection. ¬†This is because throat infections can easily be transmitted through touch.
  • Try to stay away from the allergens. When you are exposed to things like sprays, smoke and dust then you throat might get affected. This can give one a bacteria attack which is not welcome.

Not only throat but people do suffer a lot from ear infections during the season changes. This happens because the bacterial pathogen enters the tear of the ear skin. When this happens, there can be smelly discharge from the air, pain and inflammation. But for that one needs to consult the best ENT doctors in India and they will advice on some medication which can be of cure.

If one is a regular swimmer then there can be an inflammation in the ear canal. This happens because of the extra amount of moisture trapped in the ear canal which leads to the infection attacks. This can cause itching and liquid discharges. This can also lead to swelling of lymph nodes and fever.

Boils in the ear happens because of the bacterial infection on the surface of the ear. One can go for antibiotics to get quicker recovery from this. In case of tinnitus there is a constant ringing sound in the ear that bothers. Many times it gets healed on its own.

In order to avoid these one needs to stay away from bacteria attacks. For that one needs to take extra care of their body during season changes and that is the best way to prevent them.

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