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ATV Upgrades to Make When You Start Motocross Racing

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Whether you plan some friendly competitions with your friends or want to enter amateur or professional events, ATV motocross racing is an exciting and fun way to channel your energy while experiencing the rugged outdoors. The old quad bike you’ve had in the barn for years or even a stock ATV off the showroom floor isn’t necessarily ready for motocross racing, but you can modify it for speed and safety by choosing the right parts and accessories.

ATV Upgrades to Make When You Start Motocross Racing

Nerf Bars

Racing and sport ATVs usually come with nerf bars, but other models can be modified to include these essential pieces of safety equipment that are required for most racing events. These bars protect your feet and legs during collisions and come in a variety of types and styles. Most racers choose aluminum nerf bars because they’re light and durable. You can install them yourself or leave the job to a professional.

Kill Switches

Also required at most racing events, a kill switch turns the engine off when you dismount. The safest type is attached to the rider and is designed to stop the ATV if the rider falls or is knocked off the machine. When an all-terrain vehicle continues to move after an accident, it can drag the rider, injure spectators and damage the course, so it’s easy to understand why this safety mechanism is required.

Performance Accessories

Many ATV accessories are available that enhance the performance of the machine. These include suspension upgrades to help you stay comfortable while riding or racing and handlebar options that are durable enough for the rigors of competition. Engine tweaks are also available to improve speed. Another crucial ATV accessory is an underbody skid guard, which protects the engine and drive components. This guard takes a beating and will eventually require replacing on most ATVs.

Tires and Wheels

Racing tires are key to great motocross performance. These tires usually have deep, widely spaced treads suitable for loose terrain tracks plus stiff knobs for cornering. Wheels must be sturdy enough for racing and jumping and must go well with the tires. Even a great tire can’t perform well with a wheel that isn’t a good match in quality and durability.

Other ATV accessories are available that focus on creating the right look to match your image and preferences. When you start looking at what’s available, you’ll see that options are nearly endless, so you may have to limit your accessory purchases to required safety and performance essentials if you’re on a tight budget. Whether having fun or getting serious about competition, the right accessories can make a huge difference in look, performance and safety.

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