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Attractive and Earth-Friendly Materials For The Exterior Of Your Commercial Building

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As an owner of a commercial building, you’ve probably thought of the best ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Adding solar panels and switching to LED bulbs have already been done. What you want to consider next is how to make the exterior of your property environmentally sound. When you’re ready to update the appearance of your building, here are some attractive and Earth-friendly materials for the exterior of your commercial building.

Attractive and Earth-Friendly Materials For The Exterior Of Your Commercial Building

Flat Lock Tile

Flat lock metal tile gives your property a grid-like design with a tremendous number of possibilities. With flat, overlapping seams, you can create a pattern of subtle color differences. On the other hand, mix a series of warm and bold colors. Regardless of the design, this form of metal tile is designed not to corrode, so you won’t need to replace it any time soon. When it is time to replace it, it can be recycled. You can find this kind of tile from Metal Tech Global or similar companies.

Recycled Steel

Due to material and transportation shortages, new steel prices have significantly increased. To counteract the cost and time it takes to order a new product, look to recycled steel for your property’s exterior. Especially do so for your roof. Recycled steel is eco-friendly because it’s made from other structures like old cars. Plus, it can be molded into various shapes to fit your design purposes.


There are several advantages to Ferrock, a concrete alternative. First, it’s carbon-negative, which means it removes more carbon from the air than it creates. Second, ferrock is even more durable than concrete. In the end, it’s one of the most Earth-friendly materials.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is another solution that’s both attractive and eco-friendly. It’s generally useful if you wish to design or renovate your commercial building to have a historic and rustic look. If so, then it shouldn’t be difficult to find reclaimed wood. Many big-box stores and reuse centers carry this material that normally costs less than fresh material.


Xeriscape isn’t a material per se. Rather, it’s a design method to reduce the amount of water used in your exterior landscaping. Through the use of rock gardens, succulent plants, and bamboo walkways, you change the entire look of your commercial area. Plus, it takes little water and gas-guzzling equipment to maintain in the long term.

These examples are just a small portion of attractive and Earth-friendly materials for the exterior of your commercial building. Before you decide to move forward with any of these items, consider your budget and how the space will look when done. In the end, you’ll discover that these materials aren’t only friendly to the environment. They produce a high return on investment for the property.

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