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Are Dental X-rays Really Safe?

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Dental x-rays is a common process which is highly safe These x-rays use low doses of radiation and produces just a fraction of what you exposed to other imaging procedures. If you are wondering about the x-rays, so it is vital to know about it in deep. If the procedure of these x-rays are performed properly and complete safety then there will be less because of the concern. Also, these x-rays are known as the radiographs.

Are Dental X-rays Really Safe?

Who Need Dental X-Ray:

The dental x-rays are basically performed by the experienced dentists to identify the issues that are not visible from our eyes. The dental firstly acquire the issue and then provide the treatment in better way.

The dental x-ray can make the dentist see following:

  •          Areas of decay which includes both in between filling or under filling.
  •          Bone loss being associated with the gum disease
  •          Abscesses, which are infections at the root of the tooth or between the tooth and gum
  •          Tumors
  •          Changes in the root canal
  •        Without having the x-ray these issues cannot be diagnosed, So dental x-rays are the better equipment for the dentist to prepare dental implants in West Orange Nj and other treatments.

Types of Dental X-Rays:

The most common dental x-ray is known as the bitewing x-rays. This x-ray completely determines that there is decay between the teeth and the most common areas where the decay causing live.

The type of the dental x-ray is called periapical x-ray which offers dentist an image of the entire tooth including roots. This type of x-ray helps in evaluating the root structure of a particular tooth.

Are dental X-Rays Safe?

The dental x-rays are extremely safe. All kinds of the x-rays require the radiation but the dental x-rays only have minimum radiation. With the advancement in technology, today’s digital x-rays require much less radiation for the exposure than the traditional film x-ray.

Well, most of the daily activities of our daily life expose some level of the radiation.  Some radiation is just exposed to the microwave and other home appliances, sunlight and the minerals in the dirt gives off the radiation. Also, riding in the airplane may also expose you to some radiation. Don’t worry about the radiation coming from the x-rays but be worried about the phone radiation which is more harmful. The dentists take the precautions so as to minimize the radiation. For this, the dental assistants use to drape the heavy apron over the individual’s chest before doing the x-ray. In this apron, there is a lead inside which blocks the radiation to go inside your body.


Now that you have to know everything about the dental x-rays. The other thing you need to do is to find the dentist who can actually listen to your concerns and issues. There are various dental clinics available but you need to find the one which is suitable and perfect for your dental issues.

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