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Apple Watch: Low Battery Life And Slow Apps In Criticism

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Apple’s “beautiful” and “stylish” smartwatch gets poor marks for battery life and slow-loading apps. “There is a virtually nothing that I’m using a laptop or a smartphone can’t do better or faster, Except perhaps check the time, “is the conclusion of Nilay Patel, The Apple Watch for The Verge has scrutinized. And he stands by his opinion, not alone, Because yesterday are the first independent test reports to Apple’s Smart Watch and how he criticize many testers says the low battery life of the clock and also the performance of the apps.

Performance problems occur because large amounts of data need to be transferred from the iPhone to the Apple Watch loading an app, said Nilay Patel, Who reviewed the watch for The Verge. That a future software update will fix the performance problems.

That the battery life of Apple Watch not so long hold out as the other wearables, Not only criticizes Recode.CNET’s Scott Stein said. “If you can tolerate a battery life of one day, half-finished Apps and the inevitable loss of value, Then you can try the future on your wrist wear,”.

Apple Watch: Low Battery Life And Slow Apps In Criticism

The Apple Watch is just something so far for “pioneer,” says the Wall Street Journal. “I would not spend $ 1,000 for the model that I tested,” Geoffrey Fowler writes in his report in the WSJ. “The maps application that is certainly the dream of every pedestrian is so slow that I would most like to bring out my paper map.”

The New York Times also considers the software clock is “complex” and not suitable for technology novices. This is again unusual for an Apple product. “In order to find peace with the clock, you have to adjust the notifications on the phone to not constantly receive information that is useful on the clock not,” writes Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times. The examples he gives Facebook status updates or messages from Snapchat.

With the notification feature, The Verge is also not satisfied. “There is no power switch to turn on or off, which is a big disadvantage all notifications. Like any other smartphone vendors, Apple must think carefully about which alerts displaying when and why. “Still holding The Verge Apple Watch for the first Smart Watch,” a mainstream product can be righted, Even if the competitors the market flood, “it says in the introduction to the test. “Apple has the required marketing, The network of Apple stores and the sheer tenacity to actually implement.”

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