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The steroids that are commonly used, oxyndrolone or known as Anavar. These were used by athletes to enhance their performance and not get noticed during doping tests. It was launched by a pharmaceutical company Searle as it had many therapeutic properties.It is most popular among bodybuilders for gaining strength. It is one of the mildest steroids available and women find it as the most useful weight loss and strength enhancing pill. Learn more about the beneficial effects in muscle strength.


Medical uses

The medical uses were put as helping osteoporosis, in burn victims, treating hepatitis, to gain weight and helping the growth of underdeveloped children. It was used in patients who had wasting muscle due to chronic diseases such AIDS, cancer etc.

How it works

We can find out why, bodybuilders have two phases of working out on their bodies- one being the bulking up phase, wherein the person tries to increase his muscle mass by lifting weights and consuming protein rich foods. The next step is the cutting phase where the water level and the fat gained in the previous phase in the body is reduced. This is the phase Anavar comes into fore, if used appropriately it will do this part ofreduction in fat and water retention was is reduced.

The use of Anavarduring the bulking phase does not provide as much be fit as used drying the cutting phase.The muscle building process is tough terrain, as you try to lose your fat you may end up losing your muscle mass too.

But the use Anavar will enable the body to retain the lean muscle also getting rid off the excess fat in the body. People on this spree follow a diet, using Anavar will suppress your hunger pangs, hence overeating and accumulation of unwanted fat are curtailed. Above all the side effects compared to other steroids are minimal.Learn more about the beneficial effects in muscle strength.

Stacking Anavar with supplements

Anavar on its own works wonders and beginning with lower dosage and increasing as your body gets used to the rigours of the drug will help you assess its effect on your physiology. If you feel that Anavaralone hasn’t given the desired results then you can opt for other supplements to go with it but this all depends on your body accepts it as each individual’s tolerance levels vary. But it is definitelyrecommended that sticking to Anavar only will also give you good results.

Side effects of Anavar

Using any anabolic steroid including Anavar cause serious repercussions in the long term usage right from liver, heart to kidney issues to rise in cholesterol levels.

How strength is enhanced using Anavar

The metabolism is increased and it burns the fat quickly.

Though there is gain muscle mass, you will not observe water retention in the body.

Dosage recommendations

It 10-20mg for women and 30-80mg for men. It is not a very costly steroid but it is a controlled drug hence you may have to procure it online.

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