Amazing Things You Must Not Miss In Manali

Amazing Things You Must Not Miss In Manali

A vacation is an excellent escape from the mundane and head-scratching lives, in the stationary chairs of the office rooms, in the cramped kitchen of the house or in the thick textbooks!

India offers a kaleidoscope portraying the diversity of cultures, traditions, landscapes and climate.

Manali, the most renowned and heart-wooing hill station, located in Himachal Pradesh, offers an amazing idea to set your minds free and relax your souls.

Over the decades, Manali tourism has continued to flourish, alluring globe-trotters and nature-lovers.

Here is a small packet of amazing things which Manali offers:

Fun Activities:

Manali, which always has a pleasant weather, is a tourists’ delight. It offers amazing fun activities to all the adventure aficionados.

Solang Valley, or the Snow Point, is the most fascinating tourist spot. It is itself a fun-filled place, drowned with the laughters, hoots and shrieks of all the sporty fun-lovers. One can try a hand at various activities here, like skiing, parachuting and paragliding.  Zorbing is another famous sport here, where one enters a transparent ball and goes rolling about in the snow. Famous, not only for the adventure sports, but also its stunning beauty, this place is great for even photographers, romantic couples, families, painters, and nature-lovers.

River Rafting is an amazing sport where the wild waters will surely bring your heart to your mouth! Gliding to and fro with the waves of river Beas, one can enjoy this amazing experience of white-water rafting. Rohtang Pass, located at an altitude of 3,979 m above the sea level, is famous for trekking and skiing. Get set to trot in the snow-carpeted Rohtang Pass. Rock climbing is another delight for all the muscular warm-bloods out there.

2. Shopping:

A journey is never over. It resides in the obscure corners of your hearts forever. So, it is always good to take back some of the memories home in the form of souvenirs. Shopping is an amazing experience in Manali. The Mall is a street which embeds little kiosks in it. Immersed with locally-made products from the town locals, these shops sell Kullu and Kinnauri shawls, caps and footwear, jewellery, woven products,along with a range of Tibetan handicraft items. Other popular markets include Tibetan Market, Bhuttico and Old Manali Market. These offer legion varieties of Tibetan products, handicrafts and artifacts, hand-woven carpets, intricately designed rugs, shawls and other woollen apparels, shawls. silver jewellery and other art collection. They are always crammed with tourists.

3.  Apple and Lingad Pickles:

Green apples grow in Manali in July and August, and they are widely used in making lip-smacking apple pickles. If you visit Manali, you must buy the apple pickles, which is an eclectic delicacy of this place. Lingad pickles are also popular here, and taste like the French beans available in the plains. So, do grab a jar if you happen to visit here.

4.  Masseurs (Maalishwallas):

If you visit the Mall Road, you will come across the masseurs wandering the street to offer massages for the tired feet of the trotters and tourists. They carry their massage kits with themselves, which have the essential oils produced in Himachal. One can stop by any masseur for a massage with their miraculous, crafted fingers and relax their feet.

5. Kesar:

Kesar, a popular flavouring substance for milk, kheer, sweets and other dishes, is available in abundance at the popular spots in Manali. Being a herbal beauty enhancer as well, it is a must-buy for all the pretty ladies out there.

Excited to visit in Manali? Well, even Manali is awaiting your presence. You can easily reach here by air, Bhuntar Airport being the nearest one, or by train. Manali also connects to all the major cities and one can easily grab a Chandigarh to Manali taxi, or a Delhi to Manali cab, two popular cities tourists come mostly from.