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Amazing Properties Of The Onion

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The onion is the lily family, has great benefits as well as the properties of aloe vera, serves as influenza, or as properties of chamomile, relax, discover other fantastic properties of the onion there.

Onion … popular wisdom often said that heals everything, which among its many layers, the same that make us mourn, are remedies for almost any ailment or condition hide, indeed, in past centuries had even magical connotations: it was said who chased away evil spirits, and if you put an onion under your pillow you could have prophetic dreams.

Today it’s used for multiple medical applications, and in addition, as we all know, is considered as one of the onion bulbs with more virtues and one of the most delicious seasoning and accompany any dish.

Amazing Properties Of The Onion


One of the best known properties of onion is used to strengthen natural defenses, especially those from infectious agents, for example helps counter the flu, bronchitis and cough.

Delays Aging

Another fabulous property of the onion is that generally helps delay aging.


It is another of the properties of the onion, you might not know it is useful for constipation, intestinal parasites etc.

It Stimulates Bodily Functions

Just one of the amazing properties of the onion is diuretic, cardiotonic and hypoglycemic.

Soothing and Relaxing

Believe it or not, one of the most amazing properties of the onion is that it works in cases of nervousness, insomnia and minor depressions.

Reduces Platelet Aggregation

This means that prevents thrombosis, and so it reduces the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid in the blood, so it is one of the best properties of the onion.

Counteracts Disorders

It is of the best properties of the onion, as it works for heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Help Slow Digestion

Therefore decreasing the gastric juices and prevents flatulence, however it is not advised if hyperacidity and burning.


He is considered one of the best properties of the onion, the same way that the properties of green tea prevent this common disease today and also serves for rheumatism, obesity and cellulite.

Onion is one of the vegetables that accompany almost any dish, which is probably part of your daily life and now know that this is very good news.

There is an effective remedy to avoid the unpleasant side effects that usually have to eat onions, you know, bad breath. According to a scientist, just drink a glass of water immediately after eating onions. The effect is immediately cancelled and you can talk and even kiss someone without leaving a trace of bad breath.

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