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AIR – Revolutionary Home Automation Is Here

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A futuristic experience is what one gets one when one enters a home having ‘AIR’. A revolutionary product from the company ‘Leaf Technologies’, AIR truly brings home the magic. It’s as if the entire house is a living entity waiting to serve you. AIR makes your house respond to you. AIR is a home automation device which gives you complete control over all aspects of your house like lights, fans, AC, geyser and numerous other appliances.

Easy Setup

One of the most incredible achievements of AIR is the easy installation. It’s actually extremely quick and looks like a cakewalk. It gets setup pretty easily in the current settings of your switchboards. You do not need any rewiring. All the appliances are compatible with it and it gets ready to use in about 30 minutes tops! Such is the level of the brilliance of the design made by Leaf tech engineers.

Components of AIR

AIR comprises of four components.

  1. Central AIR unit – This is the central unit which controls the entire house. It detects your presence, sends commands to the switchboard modules and processes the communication between the smartphone app and the appliances.
  2. Switchboard Modules – These are installed in your existing switchboards and are responsible for controlling your appliances on the command of the AIR unit.
  3. Smartphone app – The app is available for Android and iOS. This app helps us to control our home from our smartphone. We simply touch to perform a task and the AIR unit performs it for us.
  4. Leaf Cloud Network – This cloud network connects our smartphone to the AIR unit in our house. The AIR unit connects to the cloud network through your home router.

All of these form one unit that helps you do things quickly and effortlessly.

Functioning of AIR

AIR – Revolutionary Home Automation Is Here

It works in a very simple way.

  1. We tell the app what we want. For e.g. turning on the geyser.
  2. The app connects to the AIR unit through the Leaf cloud network and passes this message to the AIR unit.
  3. The AIR unit commands the switchboard modules, which switch on the geyser.
  4. It’s done! The geyser switches on without you moving from your place.

Uses and Advantages

Apart from the simplicity of the device, the most important things about it are its utility and benefits.

  1. Complete authority over your house – All appliances can be controlled using AIR and that too from anywhere! The app provides you with all the things you need to control the house through the AIR unit.
  2. It detects you – The top notch sensors detect your presence and then AIR sets the room to your preference. It detects when you leave a room and switches off appliances automatically. It detects your entry and welcomes you with conditions which you prefer.
  3. It learns – AIR learns your patterns and routines. It then adapts itself based on the daily interactions we have. A truly magnificent AI (Artificial Intelligence) it is! And the best part is that it learns and evolves faster than any other similar device.
  4. Energy efficiency – It saves tremendous amounts of energy by variety of ways. It switches off unnecessary and non-critical appliances or appliances whose task is over. It monitors energy consumption and has provision of providing a detailed summary of the energy usage per week. It also calculates weekly and monthly electricity bills. It keeps a tab on energy usage by each appliance. It itself works on minimalistic energy.
  5. Child safety – There is facility to lock high voltage appliances and switchboards so that children accidently do not touch them and get hurt. All this in an instant and that too with just a touch in the app.
  6. Protection against voltage surges – Voltage and current swings damage a lot of appliances. These surges are blocked by AIR and appliances are kept safe from these irregularities.
  7. Anti-burglar unit – There is an added feature of intruder alert. This robust system protects from any unlawful breaking and entering or breaching of your house. It sends alerts to you immediately.
  8. Scheduler – One of the unique features is the scheduler. You can set routine tasks to be performed even if you are not around. So even if you get up late, your bath will be ready with hot water in it and there will be coffee ready waiting for you. AIR takes care of all your needs and that too on time!


AIR is the future. There is no other way to describe it. AIR shows what smart homes are capable of if utilized in a proper manner. With its long list of uses and advantages, AIR adds the ‘smart’ in your smart home automation. Pretty soon AIR will be the norm. It is a robust and technologically sound device which works smoothly without any hiccups.

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