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Advantages Of Synthetic Grass

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Synthetic grass is actually made up of synthetic fibers. It was actually brought in to use for the places where sports were held. Each and every outdoor sports needs a grassy filed and in places like stadium, it becomes hard to manage a healthy and thick grass filed. A stadium is mostly covered, which means that it is hard for the sunlight to reach the grass and provide them with the nutrients that would keep it healthy.

Along with this, the maintenance of real grass fields included fertilizing, irrigation, watering, mowing etc. hence in order to minimize the pain of such tough and time taking maintenance, people started to install synthetic grass. The first synthetic grass field was installed in the 1960s in a newly constructed astrodome and since then it has been gaining popularity with every passing year.

Advantages Of Synthetic Grass

People now have started to install synthetic grass in their lawns, open terrace, schools, play schools and swimming pool side. It provides a very fresh and classy look to the place it has been installed in.

Kids in play school are taught to play outdoor games and do different activities and hence having a synthetic grass filed is the safest way to let the small kids play safely. Even the synthetic grass needs maintenance, but then the level of maintenance is a little lesser than that of the real grass one.

The regular cleaning of the synthetic grass field is important. Along with this it does not have a very long life hence it needs to be replaces once damaged. But then even this does not make it a reason to not use it. The advantages of using the synthetic grass is much higher than the drawbacks and hence it is now being popularly used in stadiums and sports ground and in residential areas as well.

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