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Advantages Of Commercial Dishwashers

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A commercial dishwasher can wash anything and everything from glassware, utensils and other dishes, which are not for one time use. Once you have soap and hot water at your disposal along with some chemicals, you can clean and disinfect any kitchenware without much difficulty.

A dishwasher is a prerequisite for any catering business. If you are running a restaurant or a cafe, you need to ensure that the utensils you use are clean because a dirty one will surely be a disaster for your business. In case you are running a small restaurant, then getting professional help is justified but if it is large-scale, then you unquestionably need a dishwasher, as it is faster and more efficient than a domestic dishwasher is. Before you start having second thoughts about purchasing a commercial dishwasher, look at some of the advantages of a commercial dishwasher.

Advantages Of Commercial Dishwashers

Fast Service: A dishwasher for commercial use increases productivity since it is built in such a way that it can run longer than a regular home dishwasher. Home dishwashers are usually made to run 3-5 cycles a day. However, the commercial grade washers can run 8-10 times of this. Not only that, the time taken in each cycle too can be reduced drastically by going for a commercial one.

Durability: The average running age of a commercial washer is a minimum ten years. Also, if you are not tight on a budget, then always go for a new dishwasher as opposed to a used one because the former will be more reliable in terms of function. A new dishwasher will always be more technologically advanced than its used counterpart, which means it is totally worth the investment. You could also go for renting and leasing the equipment before buying one.

Saves Energy: If you get a dishwasher which saves power, then nothing like it. Also, see it this way – an energy efficient dishwasher indicates less water and less electricity, which means less burn in your pocket. If you are lucky and choose the right dishwasher seller, you might even get a discount for being eco-friendly.

Saves Space: As these dishwashers can run more cycles in a day, they can wash more equipment compared to a regular dishwasher. Space is a major constraint while buying any kitchen equipment. With a commercial grade washer, even a mid-size one can be good enough to wash all the utensils of a restaurant throughout the day.

Types of Dishwashers

When it comes to commercial uses, there are two major types of dishwashers to choose from:

High Temperature Dishwasher

  • It does not do any damage to any cutlery.
  • You do not need to use chemicals to wash it.
  • The temperature can be set to a pre-defined level for efficient and effective cleaning of utensils.
  • It needs more energy than a low-temperature dishwasher and makes use of heat to disinfect dishes.

Low-Temperature Dishwasher

  • It has the chance of ruining plastic plates and saucers.
  • When it comes to getting rid of grease, it is ineffective.
  • You definitely need to use chemicals to sanitise the dishes in these.

A Commercial Grade Dishwasher is essential equipment for any catering and restaurant business. Many types of dishwashers are available that can be used for commercial purposes. Choose the one that suits your needs best.

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