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A Trip To Dubai For The Folks Who Choose To Dare

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What is the first thing you picture when you think of Dubai? High rises, beautiful clean streets and billboards? Yes has all that which makes it one of the top cities in the world. However, this city is also one of the best places to have fun filled adrenaline pumped vacation. This article talks about all the exciting outdoor activities Dubai has to offer.

A Trip To Dubai For The Folks Who Choose To Dare

Fancy a trip to Dubai? Regardless of what the conventional believe if, a trip to Dubai from India is not that expensive. It is even yet cheaper if you book yourself a tour package. Choose the best Dubai tour packages there is on the web and atleast then your travel and accommodation is sorted out in advance and then you get a clear view of how your budget will look like and how much you have in hand to spend during your trip. While Dubai is portrayed as a stunning city with high rises, a city that it is, with no sugar coating, there is also an adventurous side to the city where you can indulge in adrenaline pumping activities the city offers you, mostly involving in a sandy terrain. Mentioned below are some of the best activities in Dubai.

F1 Driving

If you are a Formula 1 race fan, then you are in for a treat, a seriously big one. After a snappy classroom lesson and tutorial, you can actually get inside the cockpit and ride an actual formula one car along the tracks! Your dreams of being Kimi Raikkonen for a day has finally come true and you can feel how your idol feels like everytime he steps into his glossy polished race car. You will obviously be warned about the safety measure during the tutorial with the proper safety gears but it is your responsibility to drive safe and to a certain speed. Ofcourse, what fun is it driving a formula one car without putting the metal to the pedal and enjoying the thrill of the high speed, however, be cautioned that even professional world champions lose control of their cars so be very careful.

Skiing and Snowboarding

In the focal point of Dubai sits a colossal fridge, containing one of the biggest man-made ski inclines on the planet. Inside Ski Dubai, guests will discover 6000 tons of fine snow and a 400-meter slant. With temperatures between – 2°C and – 9°C, you can imagine you’re in the Swiss Alps instead of a sweltering desert. While it’s not some place to attempt speed skiing, it’s the perfect environment to sharpen your system or take in the nuts and bolts. Other snow-based exercises incorporate riding an indoor below zero zip line and a meeting a little penguin province.


Past the city’s structural monsters are unlimited desert hills of different hues and shapes. The UAE’s trick riders head out to Big Red, a zone stuffed with a large number of sandy hills, where you can observe genius quad bikes, 4×4 drivers and sandboarders dispatching themselves off edges and crests. Enterprise organizations will drive willing members to suitably high ridges, strap them to a board and send them plunging down the slants. Most organizations will toss in some paunch flipping hill bashing for nothing as well. It doesn’t hurt when you tumble, yet be arranged to recover a workout moving up the sandy slopes. After a session, stick around to watch the desert dusk, where splendid pinks, oranges, yellows and mauves join, as gazelles dart off into the skyline.


Zooming over the water at paces of 40mph, with the warm Persian Gulf air against your face, wakeboarding gives you the surge of snowboarding yet doesn’t hurt when you tumble off. In Dubai’s Jebel Ali range, thrill seekers will locate the ideal disengaged spot, with ideal conditions for the game. Not at all like surfing or kiteboarding, wakeboarding is best done in quiet conditions when the water is smooth and still. Only seaward from the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, the peak of the adjacent Palm Jebel Ali makes a quiet tidal pond where guests can cut through the duck egg blue water, while clutching a link connected to a 150 brake torque vessel. Whether you are a fledgling, figuring out how to do your first bounce over the foamy wake, or can expertly arrive 360s and reverse somersaults, the adrenaline calculate never wears off.

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