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A Guide to Golf, for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know About The Game

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Popular for bringing people together, golf is a sport that suits all ages and all abilities. Focusing while relaxing, exercising while socializing, challenging while calming, these and more are reasons why you should make it a new hobby. 

Golf, a Brief History

The game originated from a game played on Scotland’s Eastern Coast, in a place near the royal capital of Edinburgh. Players, in those early days, attempted to hit a pebble over dunes and around tracks with a bent stick or a club. In the 15th century, Scotland prepared to defend itself, again, from invasion by its old enemy. However, the enthusiastic quest of golf by the nation has led many to neglect their military training, so much so that in 1457, the Scottish parliament of King James II banned the game. 

For local enthusiasts today, there is the history of golf in South Florida that goes a bit more in-depth about how the state became the golf retreat and destination in the United States. Golf instruction Orlando teaches not just a brief history of the game, as well as all relevant things that beginners should know. 

Golf Terms and Gears

No Beginner’s Guide to golf is complete without the important words and terms to memorize. 

The green – the plush, soft ground that surrounds the hole

Fairway – the part of the Golf course that leads to the green

Golf Tee – the wooden peg you put the golf ball on at the beginning of the hole. The place where you first play the ball at the start of the hole is known also as the golf tee.

The rough – the wild area on either side of the fairway, which often is filled with long grass and trees

Hazard – ponds, streams, trees, bunkers. Anything that comes between you and getting the golf ball successfully in the hole.

Bunker – a ditch that’s filled with sand that usually surrounds the green.

Stroke – the swing made with the intent to hit the ball. You keep tabs on the score by counting strokes; a miss could still be considered as a stroke.


Eagle – 2 strokes under par

Ace – a hole in one

Par – the standard number of strokes it takes to get the golf ball from the tee to the hole

Bogey – 1 stroke above par

Birdie – 1 stroke under par, at times called a double eagle

Triple Bogey – 3 strokes above par

Double Bogey – 2 strokes above par

Golf Gear and Golf Clubs

Of course, top of the line golf gear and good golf clubs will boost your game, but shouldn’t be a crutch to rely on, particularly when you’re new to golf. More likely, your first set of golf clubs get banged up, scuffed, and even possibly broken, thus, refrain from spending a fortune on a nice set until you’re an intermediate or an expert golfer. As a new golfer, you could find mid-price, decent range clubs. 

The golf clubs for intermediate players vary from those that new golfers should purchase, and even intermediate golf clubs vary greatly from those that the pros purchase. Remember, there’s always a chance that you could end up not liking the game or not doing very well in it, thus splurging on a set of clubs from the start is not a good idea. 

Brief History of Golf in Florida

Scottish immigrant John Gillespie in 1886, built a homestead in Sarasota that included a long greenway with a couple of holes—basically a golf course, as an attempt to continue his passion for golf that he fostered in Scotland. This was the origin of golf in Florida, and in the United States possibly. Starting in the 1890s, a lot of prestigious golf courses were built in the state, with resort-like hotels established to follow the path of the developing railroad system. 

The construction of golf courses and resorts continued through the 1930s, and famous golf course architects were often hired to design and build some of the new golf courses. 

Golf Schools in Florida 

In Florida, particularly in Orlando, there are golf schools for beginner golfers. A golf instructor Orlando is the key to become a pro at the game. Golf lessons are great to become successful in the game and play a great game. Golf for beginners, for the most part, is unintuitive. 

Train your body and yourself to do things that don’t come naturally, and without someone to correct mistakes and give guidance, you could develop bad habits. There are several golf schools in Florida to choose from, that teach you how to play golf properly. Taking golf lessons from a professional instructor or coach is the single best way of improving your game. 

Golf Etiquette

This etiquette details thing that is considered taboos on the golf course. Golf etiquette would change, depending on where you are and who you’re playing with. But, for the most part, there are several undeniable standards shared by all those who play golf. Below are quick tips for golf etiquette.

  • Don’t talk through someone else’s line—this is the line from their ball to the hole.
  • Refrain from talking when someone is doing a backswing.
  • Don’t be angry after every imperfect shot.
  • Never hit the ball into the group ahead of you.
  • Be on time. 
  • Have fun. 

Those are unwritten rules that you may or may not learn at your golf schools, but equally important as any other rules that come across, from your golf instructor in Orlando. 


For all beginners who want to get started with playing golf, there are fortunately many golf courses around Florida, particularly in the city of Orlando to take lessons from. Furthermore, Golf Instruction Orlando is one of the best around to learn the game and eventually become great at playing golf.

After hitting a few sessions at the range, and you feel like golf is indeed something you want to do and want to be great at, then get a coach for a life-long enjoyment of the game.

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