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A Few Ideas For The Corporate Events

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The corporate world is often seen as a dog-eat-dog society where only the strongest survive and everyone is after self-interests. While some organizations still subscribe to this view, the last few decades have seen a shift towards value, collaboration and co-operation. Many organizations are now focusing their attention on building teams that trust each other and where there is cooperation between the organizations and their communities. One of the factors that enhance such teamwork and cooperation is corporate events.

Enter a Competition to Build Teamwork

There is a clear link between corporate event activities and trust-building activities. In fact, the most effective corporate event activities are those that challenge employees to work in teams to solve problems. One way to do this is by entering teams from your company into a competition. For example, a bakery may do a cake decorating challenge and an engineering firm a robotics competition. Nearly every profession has some sort of competition that can help promote teamwork and collaboration.

A Few Ideas For The Corporate Events

Blindfolded Trust

This is a relay race exercise designed to create trust between participants. Build a maze including hurdles, turns and objects to climb over and have employees in teams of two with one walking through the maze while the other instructs him verbally which direction to take.

Organized Sports

Build corporate team skills by playing organized sport such as volleyball, kickball or any other type of lawn game in a park. Alternatively, reserve space in a league field and play football, touch rugby or softball. Employees can form teams according to departments or create teams comprising employees from different departments. Keep a tally and award winning teams ribbons or trophies at the end of the day.

Corporate Event Activities that Bolster Staff-Management Trust

Many organizations experience a situation where staff from different departments mistrust each other. The most common being mistrust between salaried employees and those who receive an hourly wage. Coming up with activities that bring employees on equal footing can be quite fitting. An example is organizing a corporate brainstorming session in the company’s function room for the entire firm while making it clear that everyone’s input is valued. This can help create an air of appreciation between staff and management.

Teamwork with Corporate Charitable Activities

Many organizations are familiar with the notion of doing well by doing good. Corporate social responsibility is increasingly gaining greater prominence in the corporate world. One of the most notable advantages of CSR that has not gained much attention is that it builds pride and teamwork among employees. A great corporate event activity involves undertaking a charitable activity or event. For example, put together a team for a charity walk or assemble teams to visit a local hospital and spend time with patients.

Sponsor an annual or seasonal drive to repair homes for the elderly, another opportunity for company employees to work in teams to help people in their communities. There are many charitable activities that organizations can undertake in a corporate event including serving food at homeless shelters or building a playground at a local school.

Scavenger Hunts

This interesting corporate event activity can be done in a park or even in function rooms. Items in the scavenger hunt can be customized to your work environment. For example, hide a company product in the designated parking of the CEO, and make a clue that says, “You will find this next item where the big gun arrives”. Such games provide creative ways of helping employees know about the company and work with one another.

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