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A Brief Insight Into The Melasma

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There is a common tendency of getting irritated when you notice anything on your skin and melasma is absolutely one of them. Melasma consists of dark-brown patches that commonly appear on the cheeks, bridges of nose, forehead, chin and upper lips. It is a common skin problem most people face especially women. One of the main reasons that derive us to rethink is people with dark patches don’t even realize that it is melasma.

Here is the brief insight about the melasma to extend your knowledge about this common skin problem.

A Brief Insight Into The Melasma

What Is Exactly Melasma?

Melasma is a flat pigmentation that has a got a brown patch in a huge pattern of nest-like. When it is common for the body parts like cheekbones, jawline, and nose, it also rarely can be seen on the chin, though, it is more common in women, some men also get this pigmentation on their skin. These patches can develop gradually over time. Melasma is also common in premenopausal women. If you find any sign of melasma, Dr. Michael Steppie, MD of Dermorlando in Orlando can further assist you in a more comprehensive way.

What does cause melasma?

One of the main causes of melasma is the hormonal change in one’s body system. This may occur due to the consumption of birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy for menopause or pregnancy. This can also cause due to exposing to the sun. Women with light brown skin type are more often affected by this type of skin pigmentation. Genetic susceptibility can also be another reason for melasma.

What are the difficulty levels to treat the melasma?

Although, melasma can eventually disappear on its own. Unfortunately, there are some of the factors that increase the visibility of the melasma. Sometimes fertility treatment can probably develop the melasma on a women skin. In addition, any type of hormonal treatment probably encourages the possibility of such type of pigmentation.

What is the treatment option?

It is important to consult an eligible dermatologist for the treatment of melasma. although, you should know about some of the treatments before you consult your dermatologist. You can take prescribed medication to9 treat your melasma and professional procedure is another way to treat the melasma. Apart from this, there are microdermabrasion and dermabrasion for the melasma treatment.

To Sum It Up

There are enormous skin problems human body can face and the melasma is one of the common skin pigmentations that can be found in many women. The above-mentioned information about the melasma was an introductory explanation.

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