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9 Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Women

3 Mins read

I get approached a lot in bars. I frequently find it annoying as it interrupts my drinking time with friends and it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth. I might actually appreciate it or be into it if a man approached me with any couth or skill, but that’s not usually the case. You see, most men don’t know how to approach women. Maybe you’ve noticed that you’ve struck out more than you’ve succeeded? It could be because you’re making one of these nine mistakes. Check out my list and see if you’re doing anything wrong.

And as a tip, if you see someone like me, a girl who makes it pretty clear she doesn’t want to chat, move on to one who does. I’m not a challenge, I just don’t want to be bothered. I much rather go to Adam and Eve for my fun–there’s less awkward morning chats that way.

1. Not Acting confidently

Couple Having Drinks

I see this one the most. You’ll approach me and immediately be looking for reassurance. I don’t have to reassure myself in the morning, so I shouldn’t have to reassure a stranger’s worth. Come up with something to talk about. Don’t just fish for compliments.

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