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8 Reasons You Will Recommend Find 7 To A Friend

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The Find 7 is the latest generation of smart phones released by Oppo. It is considered to be quite a winner in contrast to the phones released by this company previously, and Oppo aims to bring back it’s a game with the release of this new and innovative smart phone model. Indeed the latter is worthy of some praise as it truly stands out from the rest of its competitors owing to certain impressive features that it bestows. A look at some of these features would be reason enough to recommend this model to a friend.

8 Reasons You Will Recommend Find 7 To A Friend

  1. Design and Texture: This model is essentially a celebration of the monolithic status quo. With its no-nonsense corners and plain black flat sides and back it is actually a model of simplicity yet power. It is like the eternal ‘dark horse’. The real pleasure lies in holding such a device as it offers tremendous grip and comfort. This is because the backplate is removable and curves gently to fit into the palm of the user.
  1. Camera Quality: An amazing breakthrough in phone cameras has come with the advent of this new Oppo version. It provides a 13 MP camera which is synonymous with a very high image quality and resolution. Moreover the front camera is flexible and can be used for the rear camera too.
  1. Battery Standards: It is almost next to impossible to be able to find a smart phone that has a high battery life and also provides multi-functionality, but this model is a curious blend of both such advantageous features. It holds a 3000 mAh battery life.
  1. Durability: This is one feature in which this phone totally stands put from the rest in the market. While other models come with booklets carrying cautionary measures during their usage, such as they should not be exposed to high temperature or they must not be handled carelessly, this particular model has a robust structure in spite of being crafted out of plastic. It fits well and does not give a slight impression of creaking or any form of physical inadequacy.
  1. Advanced Built-in System: among important specifications of this model are a 3 GB RAM, Adreno 330 GPU as well as the 2.5 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 802 CPU. Such a system combination not only maintains a smooth functioning of apps but also prevents untimely breakdowns.
  1. Sound Quality: The sound quality that emanates from this device is supreme in nature due to high quality stereo and dedicated mic. This system also serves to cancel out any background noise and enables a world-class experience.
  1. Display: When it comes to visual flair, the most desirable feature of this device would be the 6 inch Quad HD IPS display which boasts of a high resolution, up to 2500*4600 pixels. Such a resolution from different viewing angles enables minute details to be seen clearly even with naked eye.

Software: The presence of a novel Android 4.3 version makes this model very robust and is the horsepower behind most of its functions.

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