8 Most Suitable Cars For Winter Trips

What is the best car for a winter trip? What requirements must it comply with? Well, firstly, it should be reliable, because it’s not very good when the car breaks down, and the outside air temperature is below zero.

Plus, it should be mentioned that in winter you won’t only drive through the city, where the road is usually cleared, but also in the country area where the road can be fully covered with snow. This means that it’s excellent to have four-wheel drive, and increased ground clearance.

Of course, any winter car cannot exist without heat. Therefore, the car should have good air conditioning system, heated seats and windscreen.

According to these requirements and our recent winter driving experience, we’ve chosen top 8 most suitable vehicles for winter driving, and you can check them out right now…

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail is a spacious SUV with two-level seat heating. In addition, it’s necessary to mention heated windscreen, a powerful climate control and heated side mirrors. Nissan X-Trail is probably the hottest model of the company. Great characteristics of the car’s chassis make this Nissan vehicle very comfortable for driving in winter.

Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet Captiva is a vehicle with a large salon, but quick heating. Created by GM Company, this car is just a must-have thing for winter family trips. Chevrolet Captiva has an excellent passability, short overhangs and high ground clearance. The engine heats the cabin quite quickly. By the way, the car’s optional equipment includes heated mirrors, heated seats and successfully performed climate control. In short, Chevrolet Captiva is a great car for winter trips.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf is a small but warm car. When the outside temperature is 5-10 degrees below zero, the air in the salon can heat up to 23 degrees just in 14 minutes. The car’s heated seats are so good that you feel it immediately even through the warm jeans. Volkswagen Golf combines classic German quality, perfect handling, and quick heating. In its vehicle class, this car is definitely the best choice to travel in winter.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus perfectly shows itself in the winter time. The salon heating cannot be called very fast, but the standard 15 minutes is quite a good result. The car is equipped with heated mirrors and seats, plus the most innovative car’s feature – pre-heating salon system. So you will always get into a warm car regardless of the time of the year. Generally, Ford Focus is a very warm car: the drivers usually turn on heating only when the outside temperature drops below 5 degrees.

Audi A6 Allroad

Audi A6 is another worthy car, which is not afraid of challenging conditions. The vehicle is equipped with 2-liter V6 engine, and provides high reliability and safety on the all road types. Highways, country roads, a lot of snow and other ‘disasters’ that occur on the road – this is not a problem for Audi A6 Allroad. This outstanding sedan will show you its excellent road grip, reliable brakes, superior dynamics and stylish interior. By the way, the car features a relatively small rate of fuel consumption.

Subaru Outback

Four-wheel drive Subaru Outback has long been an excellent choice for driving on snow-covered terrain. The car meets all safety requirements and provides easy handling on all road types. In addition to the all-terrain capabilities, Subaru Outback has good dynamic ratings, a comfortable interior and excellent climate-control system, making it a successful choice for family winter trips.

Lexus LX

Lexus LX is a spacious family SUV with comfortable seats with heating and temperature control. This car is perfect for cold winters, especially when the temperature drops to 20 degrees below zero.

The car’s dashboard is easy-manageable – you will always keep track of the movement on the road, be aware of the possible upcoming snow-covered roads, the air temperature inside and outside. The car belongs to the luxury class, and this is a real SUV with its advantages. Thanks to the impressive weight of the car, it’s stable on slippery road, and wheels automatically adjust the braking force. Of course, all-wheel drive also adds confidence to the driver, so Lexus LX is a safe choice to travel in winter.

Volvo XC60

4-wheel drive, great weight and a small fuel consumption – what else do you need for winter weather? The vehicle stability system works perfectly. Even entering a dangerous turn at high speed, Volvo XC60 doesn’t slip and doesn’t lose control.

Thanks to the heating seats and heating steering wheel, the driver will feel comfort and warmth even in severe frosts. Driving in winter is quite hard, but safe. Plus, the side windows of the car are laminated, and they stay clean even when it’s snowing or raining.

Choosing these cars, you will get safety, comfort, and reliability driving on the winter roads. So, if once you need such a car (maybe, you are reading this article before winter season or you live in a country, where winter lasts more than 3 months), you can easily rent a car  at any destination you want.

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