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7 Things to Check Before Outsourcing Web Development Project to A Company

4 Mins read

You are impatient to hire a company for web development. You are impatient to go live for the recognition of your company. Whether you are planning for a conventional website or mobile application for your business, you have to be patient. 

Thousands of web development companies are just away from a quick search. Hundreds are ready to work on your project. Before you hire a company, you will need a clear perspective of your requirements for the proper and appropriate execution of your project. 

For a successful website, its design, content, user experience must be top-notch. Hiring an inexperienced web development company will cost you money, time and energy. To ensure success in the design of the website, you need to consider these things before hiring a company for web development. 

Experience & Support

Your project needs to be developed by expert hands. When you are searching for a company, make sure that you hire an established company. The experienced team will treat your project far better than the freshers. They will pull out the design and requirements from your mind. Their experience is their best tool to suck out the information you might not be able to deliver. 

It does not end with the development of the website. A website requires regular and proper maintenance in terms of SEO, API etc. You must know that opting for a team that does not offer technical support in future will be a bad option. Hence, you must opt for a team that can regularly maintain, support and update the website after the development and launching of the website. 

Servers, Security & Speed

Dedicated servers must be one of the main concerns. The security of your website depends on the servers. If the company you are hiring depends on third-party servers, your data and website are likely to be compromised and breached. 

Further, their minimal control over bandwidth will certainly affect the speed of your website. It will also represent a poor image to your visitors as they will have a poor experience due to low speed. Make sure that your company provides their servers.

Poor coding and programming can leave your website prone to hacking and exploitation. You must learn about the security measures to prevent any possibility of gaining a poor reputation and delivering a poor user experience. 

For ultimate privacy with the company, you should sign an NDA for ensuring your data and information. 


You must be aware of your preferences. Either you need a creative programming team that thinks outside of the box and takes risks or a typical programming company that conforms to the typical style to ensure an estimated success. 

You must ask your developers about the languages and tools they know and can use to create your website. Make sure that the team you are hiring is skilled at handling languages. 

No one can be perfect. So, better ask for the tools they use to test their methods and figure out bugs, flaws or glitches. 

SEO Service

Begin with writing your content. Do not put it after the completion of the design. But, what if the content does not stand out even after the development? What if you do not see a rise in your traffic? If you have no idea, then the reason is lack of SEO. 

To be ranked in search bars, you will need your content to be search engine optimized. The content on your website will require regular SEO service. You need to consider SEO as a primary priority. You must ask the company if they are providing SEO service in the package. 

Opt for a company that includes SEO as well. For lower development rates including SEO, you can consider a software house in Islamabad

Source Files 

You will need to edit and make changes to the design of your website in the future. Source files are the raw materials used for the development of the product. Many companies are unable to make changes to their websites due to the unavailability of these files. The companies had forgotten to ask the developers. 

The inaccessibility of these files can deliver serious consequences to your website. Make sure your company will provide you with files such as up-to-date descriptions of your database structures, Photoshop and Illustrator files, login credentials and code repositories etc. 


You must take into consideration the communication tools you will use for communication purposes. The behaviour and attitude are as important as the communication tools. Make sure that you are not bossy with them. You must not be too lenient as well. You have to be moderate to keep the balance. 

You will need to schedule the meetings weekly or monthly. If you are outsourcing your project, then make sure that you are available to respond to the queries. You need to set an exact time to address the questions put by developers to prevent delays in the completion of the project. 

Deadline & Budget

There will be a deadline in your mind. But, if you are outsourcing, then the culture and timezone of the developing company are different from yours. In this scenario, you must value their culture and timezone. You will need to schedule your deadline keeping in mind these variables. 

Finally, it all comes to budget. You will need to avail yourself of services like developing, designing and SEO in your budget. Make sure to decide the costs before the game begins. If you have a tight budget, you can hire a software company in Islamabad at lower development rates. 

Before You Leave

Make sure you have been through their portfolio and reviews of the customers. These factors will give you a better idea if they fit your project. 

Do not be impatient. Take your time to hire the developers. Whatever it takes. Goodbye until we meet again. 

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