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7 Reasons To Buy Keurig 2.0 Over Espresso Machine

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All of us really love a nice strong cup of coffee early morning. It makes us relax, it energizes us – which ever you look at it. But if you have a cup of coffee every day, you are probably addicted to it. Well, also if Espresso are not your thing, you may want to have a very good look at Keurig 2.0. Keurig created a worldwide sensation with its first model and has now come out with a revamped version of their original product. Today, we provide you with 7 reasons why you should a Keurig 2.0 over espresso machine if you are a true coffee lover.

Bigger K-cups and a Carafe

Some of you may not know what a Carafe is. To put into perspective, Carafe is just like a small pot. At least Keurig thinks like so. The time of using regular cups to brew your coffee are long gone now. Keurig now uses bigger k cups only for its carafe. Carafe allows us the option of making 3-5 cups at a single use.

Carafe not only allows to make us a pot of coffee but also keeps the coffee insulated. It keeps your coffee warm and nice. The Keurig 2.0 also comes with a removable top. It is quite useful for a thorough cleaning of the device.

A lot Quieter than before

Keurig 1.0 was an absolute beast of a device. Easy to use, it was a worldwide sensation. But one of the major drawbacks of the machine was that it created a lot of noise during its operations. The Keurig 2.0 has improved this a lot. It produces way less noise than the previous model. I feel it is an important feature if you want a cup of coffee in the morning when everyone else is still asleep.

A Bigger and Better Display

With a bigger display, the Keurig 2.0 is way easier to use. It is not that Keurig 1.0 was tough, it was also simple but the newer version is drop dead simple and very easy to operate.

Larger Water Reservoir

One of the most significant improvements on the Keurig is the enlargement of the water tank attached to the device. It can hold upto 80oz of water now. Put into perspective like this. If you are in a habit of making a 12oz cup of coffee every day in the morning, the water tank could last a whole week of your drink supply before running out of water and asking for a refill. One more thing they added on most customer’s plea is that the top lid is now a flip top. It allows easy pour of the water in to the tank.

Get a Coffee the way you want

Remember your early morning mood swings? Was it yesterday only when you wanted a much stronger cup of coffee than the regular you have every day? Now you can make it happen. It is one of the many features added to this improved version from the Keurig which allows you to make your cup of coffee the way you want it to be. It acts as a great combo now that the Keurig has space for those extra different sized k-cups. One of the coolest feature you will find on the device is that it sees the size of your k-cup and shows t only the brewing options related to it.

It has now Got a Timer also

Finally, the Keurig has also got a timer attached to it. You just have to set the timer on the previous night without all the ingredients attached and the next morning, wake up to the timer with a nice hot cup of coffee. Now that’s cool.

A wide variety of colors

Well having a different variety of colors doesn’t improve the machine in any way but it looks really cool. You can now buy the Keurig 2.0 in many different color and sizes. Besides you can also adjust the wallpaper and the design of the display on the touch screen. Even the water tank is fitted with a light which can change different colors.

Final Say

Keurig 1.0 was a sensational model. To a novice, it was a life changer. It made drinking coffee very easy. You would have never thought that you could have improved the machine. But Keurig did it with 2.0 which is impressive. It is certainly on our list of devices of must-buys. The above mentioned reasons make it worth buying over an espresso machine.

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