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7 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World Which Surely Grab Your Attention

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Flowers are amazing treasure of nature. Unfortunately, you can not decorate your surroundings by plucking flowers from anyone’s garden. You have to pay some bucks to get beautiful flowers. Flowers are nature’s one of the most decent creation. I don’t find anything more elegant and peaceful than flowers. If you get a chance to pick one, which one will you pick? It’s quite confusing to answer quickly. Because there are a vast amount of flower categories.

Different flowers convey different messages. They are varying in sizes, colors and features. I know, it might be too hard for you to pick any flower among large series of flowers. There are some best London Florist who can make attractive bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnière and different floral arrangements. You should meet them if you’re planning a big bash or for the wedding ceremonies. Let’s take a glance on some expensive flowers that you surely dream to have :

1. Daffodils : Daffodils A rarely found flower. They are usually long stemmed, golden-yellow colored which mainly bloom in spring. Daffodils represent freshness. While you decorate them in the house, they tend to bring hope and encouragement to those who are sad or frustrated. These pretty looking flowers convey too many feelings. They stand for forgiveness, honesty and forthrightness.


2. Sweet Pea : Sweet pea is another most beautiful flower with delicate and lovely scent. They are mainly used as a cosmetic ingredient to deliver pleasant smell. These flowers symbolize gratitude and pleasure.

7 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World Which Surely Grab Your Attention

3. Lavender : Presenting the most expensive flower that is used by so many chefs around the world which is called lavender. These flowers are spiky, having elegant stems and n number of florets. They come in multiple colors like violet, blue, and light purple. They are mainly popular for their smell, size and appearance. These flowers are symbolize luck, purity, devotion and silence.


4. Corpse flower : Scientifically, this flower is called “Rafflesia arnoldii” which is only seen in low-lying rainforests which are scattered among various Indonesian islands. The amazing fact is, it is the world’s biggest flower. Curious to see these flowers na? same here…..


5. Plumeria : This pretty looking flower is more popularly called Frangipani. They are native to Brazil, Caribbean and Central America. Plumeria has a decent ability to grow even in tropical and sub-tropical climate with little drops of water. If in case of excess watered, the root part may get rotten and lacking amount of water can easily make it dry. Hence, you need to handle them sensitively. They have a sweet smell and apart from it, they are edible too. They normally range between red and pink colors.

7 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World Which Surely Grab Your Attention

6. Dianthus : Personally, I’ve got crush on these flowers. They have stolen my heart. They are like small wonders. These are native to Southern Europe and some regions of Asia. It has around 300 species. They are simply growing in clusters, each with a diameter of 2 cm to 3 cm. They are available in exclusive colors like pink, red, white and even purple.


7. Magnolia : When you are searching for most beautiful flowers in the world, magnolia always takes a front seat. This flower is named after a well-known French botanist whose name was “Pierre Magnol”. It spreads an amazing fragrance and it is represented as a sign of femininity. There are so many women who are big fans of its perfume.


Last but not the least, flowers have their own world. They are nature’s magnificent creation and precious gift to mankind. All flowers are beautiful but some are just outstanding. No words can express their beauty and elegance. “keep spreading positivity like flowers”. Surprise your spouse or bae with an attractive flower piece!

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