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7 Amazing Ways To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

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Owning a house can be the best thing ever, but until you have the funds to make the big purchase, you might have to rent apartments. While rentals are great in that you don’t have to deal with maintenance costs, repair bills, and real estate taxes, having to shift from one place to another can be exhausting. And a huge challenge for most renters is turning a rented house into a home- there’s not much one can do without ticking off the landlord!

If you’ll be changing homes soon or if you’ve just shifted into a new apartment, don’t let this worry you. Your temporary abode doesn’t have to be impersonal because the landlord has a long list of things you can’t do to deck up the place!

7 Amazing Ways To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Here are some amazing tips you could use to make your rental feel like home.

Give Walls a New Look

Simply painting the walls a color you like can make a world of difference, but if you’re on a budget or don’t want to make major changes, covering one wall in an accent color will do.

Keep in mind that not all landlords allow tenants to paint walls; if you end up with such a landlord, ask him if you can add a fresh coat of paint in the existing color. Also ask him if you can paint the walls white- chances are, he’ll oblige. What’s more, crisp white walls can look marvelous and offer endless décor options!

If you’re not allowed to paint the walls, cover unsightly ones with removable wallpaper. You can also make use of removable wall decals to spruce up the place.

Replace Light Fixtures and Hardware

Rentals usually have unattractive light fixtures, standard fluorescent lighting, and dull hardware. To feel at home, replace light fixtures and hardware with ones you’ve brought along or buy new ones that appeal to your taste.

You don’t have to spend a lot on light fixtures- buy inexpensive ones that have a good shape and spray paint them in a bright or neutral color to complement the rest of the décor. You can also pick up some antique ones at flea markets, and clean and polish them before installing.

Don’t forget to switch out the light bulbs for lower wattage ones to help you feel cozy in your new house. Do add floor and table lamps as required. In addition to this, consider upgrading to decorative switch covers instead of the dull ones fitted in your rental.

Switch door and cabinet knobs, and taps, and other kitchen and bathroom hardware to breathe new life into your rented house. Alternatively, grab some cleaning wipes and solution to add a sparkle to existing hardware.

Most importantly, keep all original fixtures stored safely so that you can swap them back when it’s time for you to move out.

Get Window Treatments

An ingenious way to add color and individuality to your house is to get window treatments. Window treatments come in various forms from valances and blinds to curtains, and choosing the right ones can definitely make your new rental feel like home.

Use Area Rugs

You can’t change the flooring in a rental but you can certainly make it look better by adding area rugs. Plain or printed rugs in neutral or bright colors can add interest to a room while also tie in the look of the whole room when used correctly.

Area rugs are especially great at hiding scuff marks on the floor, but you can use them on bare walls too. An antique rug or tapestry hung on the wall is sure to be a good conversation starter!

Invest in the Right Furniture

Invest in furniture pieces that you’ll love no matter how and where you use them. You’ll always have your favorite furniture pieces with you wherever you shift to and they’ll definitely help you feel at home in your rented apartment.

Display Pictures

Nail holes can be filled easily so don’t stop yourself from covering bare walls with pictures from past travels or photographs of loved ones. You can also hang wall art and sculptures around the house.

Grow Some Plants

Plants can add color and texture to your living space while also purifying the indoor air. Grow plants in differently shaped and colored pots to keep things interesting.

If you’re new to gardening, start with low maintenance plants like cacti and succulents. Alternatively, just display fresh flowers around the house and keep replenishing the water regularly. Installing a swath of artificial grass in the balcony or in the living room can make a difference too!


Shifting to a new place comes with its share of troubles, but if you know how to make your rental feel like home, you’ll be more than fine. With the tips given here, you now know what you need to do once you shift to a new rental without inviting the wrath of your landlord. So don’t be glum about shifting, do the right things and enjoy decking up your new house!

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